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Monday, 15 June 2015


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I like how in the ad it looks like Erwitt's legs in the print!

I see Elliott Erwitt in a short skirt and knee length boots ...

One thing to add is that Elliot was appears to have had no compunction about cropping -- see his photo Chihuahua (here is a link - http://www.artspace.com/elliott_erwitt/chihuahua_new_york_city)
So observation and how we see may include both the photo we see when we push the shutter and what we find in the resulting photograph.

My favorite example of "make it yours" is Ted Orland's "One and a half domes": http://www.tedorland.com/classic/domes.html

I do like the "dog bones" too.

Great post! Love the shot of SF.

Who was it that said "bad artists borrow, great artists steal?"

Here's my attempt to make an Erwitt meme "mine":

In Step, Paris, September, 2007

In Step, Paris, September 29, 2007

It's such a distinctive building, and I love that shot. You can walk around San Fransisco all day getting frames of it in different settings...

The building I thought was so cool when I first saw it as a youngster in the early seventies.

Of all the tools Erwit used for that shot, I pretty much guarantee that a Minolta flash meter was not one of them.

Really nice meters nonetheless,

Can't tell ya how many times I've been to famous/cliche places only to see something truly worthwhile and "spectacular" right around the corner, two steps over, right aross the street...

"make it yours"
Thank you for these words of wisdom.

Frankly, all of the landscape subjects I enjoy photographing have been snapped before. Maybe I will encounter something brand new, but maybe not.

As a hobbyist photographer, going out into the world and making it mine is what makes photography enjoyable.

I love that picture. My eyes are constantly moving up and down, but they're locked inside the frame lines.

If it's a cliche and you have something to say, great! If it's not a cliche, but you have nothing to say, not so great.

So is it the "clicheness" that matters?

('have something to say" means the same thing as "make it yours" and a million other variants, of course)

And, my photograph of the featured cliché, from 1978...

pax / Ctein

A bloke I've only met once before showed me some of his photos yesterday, and the first one had this very building right in the middle of it!

Coincidence? I think not! : ]

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