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Monday, 22 June 2015


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Your babe in arms has done growed!

Once you get a little better you learn you don't need to hold on with such a death grip and you don't get so tired and you don't need so much hand strength. Then when you get a little better again (like Xander) and start doing overhangs, you need the hand strength back again.

Nice try, Mike, but that middle-aged gent on the rock wall can't be you. He's too thin, he looks reasonably fit, and his face is buck-nekkid. Who was it really?

LOL... echoing what Gordon said---Mike, you look fabulous! Glad to see you had an excellent day on the rocks.

The thinking person's sport, if I might say so. When your climbing skills improve, you can photograph other climbers from above. It tends to be more interesting to see climbers' facial expressions and hands than their nether regions. And congratulations on fathers' day.

Make your legs and feet do the work, and use the hands to maintain balance (says he, who hasn't done any serious climbing in 35 years). Get that fancy telephoto, and you can shoot stuff like this fella does: http://elcapreport.com/content/elcap-report-6212015

No selfies while on the wall?

I could never really get into the climbing gym scene. I was always much happier on some multi pitch climb out in the bush, enjoying the solitude, views etc. unfortunately I haven't been really climbing for years, haven't in WI at all. Last time I climbed, last year, was when I was back in Australia. Went and did a climb with an old friend - I t was the a repeat of one of the first rock climbs we ever did. Found it a lot harder at 55 than at 15. Likewise I have a lot of climbing photos, but they are all either slides or B&W and I don't have a scanner.

Thanks for sharing, Mike. Glad you had an enjoyable Father's Day. As someone who has read you for a long time, it's very satisfying to see how your son has grown and developed.

Mike, I like it when you write posts about Xander and his life. I feel as though I've watched him grow up and flourish. You've done one heck of a job raising and teaching your son. I know you are one proud dad.

Mike well done for having a go, us oldies must stick together especially climbing indoors,I have been climbing for 40+ years and still get out regularly. Also well done for grasping all the technical terms and understanding this unique sport.

That lens you want is a good example why I left Nikon for the hills of Fujifilm. Nikon has nothing that comes close to that lens in the DX format.

After you "send", have you "sent" or "sended" ??


Get more appropriate shoes, if you want to pursue this.

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