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Monday, 01 June 2015


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Wow, what a find! But how could you neglect to point us to Kirkwood's Web site, where I can see why you had such a hard time picking only four prints. http://www.katekirkwood.com/


I can't seem to find any info on what size the prints will be (either in your post or on the order page). Could you please follow-up with that information?

[It's in the section headed "PRINT DETAILS": "All the prints are made on 17x22" paper; image size is 18" inches wide for all the unsigned prints, and 20" wide for the signed Special Edition print. (Heights vary slightly.)" --Mike]

Lovely work. Just goes to show the whole obsession with the latest and greatest gear for the distraction that it is. A timeless image is a timeless image, regardless of what camera was used to make it.


Swallows & Amazons Forever!

(Sorry. Ms. Kirkwood probably knows what I mean and would probably roll her eyes in exasperation. But I am helpless.)

Lovely work! I remember well your first post about Ms. Kirkwood. Bird at Window Feeder - wow!

(Is it not the same cow in Come Sunrise and Cow's Spine and Rainbow? Same rainbow and background in each, markings on the hide...lucky cow, and we are rewarded with two great images.)

Fabled English Lake District? I can assure you it's real!

I find it a tribute to Ms. Kirkwood's creativity that she finds new photographs -and so beautiful- in a so much photographied location such as the Lake District.

I wish her a great success!

Mike - "the big problem with my choices is that everyone will have their own favorites from among Kate's work, and no one's will be the same."

Gee if that's the case then you should only make ONE print of each - since no two people will have the same favorite.

Saying only one person will favor each piece is NOT much of an endorsement. I would think that people's choices would fall along a bell curve - with most people favoring a particular piece over the others.

(note: bongolia.com is off line at the moment)

[You're just objecting to my semantics? --Mike]

My introduction to Kate Kirkwood's work was through this site and I was immediately taken with it. Would have liked to see one of Ms. Kirkwood's cat photos offered but I should have known a devoted dog fan wouldn't cross the floor! Bravo on the print sale all the same. I have my order in.

Kenneth - "unfettered by the snares of self-consciousness" - brilliant. Thank you. "The snares of self-consciousness" describes 99.999% of my pictures and, as you point out, none of the Lake District shots by Ms Kirkwood.

Well, that came out wrong; should have been:

Kenneth - "snares of self-consciousness" - brilliant. Thank you. That describes 99.999% of my work and none of Ms Kirkwood's Lake District pictures.

Why doesn't she mail the buyers a signed print certificate of authenticity for each photo?

Come Sunrise and Cow's Spine were captured in the same session, no? It's an interesting narrowing of vision from the first to the second.

I'm going back-and-forth on whether I can afford a couple of prints right now. I hope that 'yes' wins out...

Dear Sergio,

As is my custom, I'll be penciling "printed by Ctein" and the month and year of printing on the back of each print. That should be more than sufficient for establishing provenance.

pax / Ctein

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