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Thursday, 04 June 2015


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Done! Can't wait... Thanks!

I'm hoping to read that ASAP. However I'm in the UK. Can I order it from amazon.uk through you?

Hoooooray! I am so in on this. Met Ctein. John? I live in the Twin Cities and I bet you saw the Rolling Stones. Your wife, Michele, went to Farmington HS with my wife Maradee. I met Michelle once at, of all places, a Rolling Stones concert (where I sat behind future Guv'ner Jessie Ventura).

not a fun of science fiction or stephen king But do want to say I geat a great kick out of
Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers.
thank you John Sanford

I was just reading an interview with Stephen King in the NY Times. The article is called Stephen King: By The Book. They asked him what genres he enjoys reading. He said he enjoys many and is likely to go from the latest John Sandford to...

Enjoy Ctein and John here on the forum, Have Ctein's book on restoration and just finished 2 Virgil Flowers books.

John's great "dry" sense of humor, very hard to do in writing, and love of music in his books makes for a fine read. Whats not to like?

If you like Flowers I also recommend Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus, the Scottish version of Flowers.

Thanks Mike for introducing two smart and fine writers to YOUR audience.


Congrats on completing this project John and Ctein! Ordered! Can't wait to read it this fall.

Dear Stephen,

Kyle Cassidy did mine. It's fabulous. One of my favorite photos of me.

I look very respectable. Who says the camera doesn't lie?

pax / Ctein

I've yet to read any of John's novels - I saw a bunch of them at a used bookstore and decided I wanted to research them to find out where to start (since they seem to use common characters). But now I know where I'll start ! (I don't read much fiction these days, but was always a fantasy & sci-fi fan). So I headed over to Amazon to read the synopsis ... space ship, alien contact, suspense, ok, seen this in movies before, but no, wait, governments are racing to get to it and bring home the technology first - brilliant ! Of course they are ! Aliens might be scary, but not as scary as letting the Chinese get hold of their technology ! Too bad it won't be out in time for summer vacations. (OK, maybe it won't be my first John Sandford novel after all).

I'm interested (Kindle version). Thank You!

Hey Mike, talking of John Sandford, could Butters in "Sudden Prey" be the origin of your dog's name?

[No, my Butters was a runaway brought into the Humane Animal Welfare Society by the police, whose owner could not bail him out. He came with his name and the HAWS experts recommended we not change it. It's a good name for him, though. --Mike]

Dear Jim,

You can also thank Mike for effectively "introducing two smart and fine writers to" each other! John and I'd never have met if TOP hadn't thrown us together.


Dear Joan,

Do not fear; it's not a Stephen King-type book. Stephen just really, really liked it. It's a Ctein & John Sandford type book. It really is a blending of both our styles.

Personally, I think it's a better book than either of us could have written alone. Better plot and better writing.

I'm entirely unbiased about this, you may be assured.

pax / Ctein

Does it end with the bit about word salad and Macspeech still being in training?

So, when do TOP readers get a chance at a book sale, signed by both authors? :)

Did Stephen King (IOWA) and John grow up on farms or what?

$20 on Amazon.com, yet £20 on Amazon.co.uk!? I'll wait for the Kindle version.

I will probably (maybe) buy this one, although I'm not a fan of sic-fi. I do have all of Mr. Camp's Prey series, plus Virgil's stories. John - thanks for the tip on Ms. Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - bought it about a year ago but never got around to reading until I read the mention in Gathering Prey. It is very entertaining, and unusual.

Love Sandfords work.

Sounds good to me! There's been slim pickings in the sort of scifi I like in recent years, so I'm glad to see something that is more to my taste.

Dear Murray,


I'll give you this–– the last five words of the book are "we thought it was funny."

And, no, I will not give you context. Not even a hint! (mwahahahaha)


Dear Paul,

Uh-huh, sure. Whatever you say.

Not. [G]

pax \ Ctein
[ Please excuse any word-salad. MacSpeech in training! ]
-- Ctein's Online Gallery http://ctein.com
-- Digital Restorations http://photo-repair.com

Gee Mike thanks to you now I know what famous authors do with those blurbs. But I am going to buy it anyway, I like Mystery and Science Fiction.

I picked up the first one of Davenport's series, Rules of Prey, and a couple of pages in there's these two cops running surveilance with a Nikon F3 loaded with reversal film. Then, several pages later a woman brings a discriminating evidence into the police station, shot on a Kodachrome of all things.
You can tell the guy that wrote this knows his photography :)

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