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Monday, 29 June 2015


Bravo, Mike!

Upstate NY is lovely (and cold)
Close to you your SO is warm

Yea for you

Lost the plot. Girlfriend? Totally miss that. I did follow your site relatively close. Got the dog, the coffee and the table things, ... Hence, I did not skip yours when it is not about photography. But really miss the girlfriend part.

And move again ... feel a bit hard to adjust. The farmland is great.

I better read more your site to get in touch or on the same page or same screen.

[I haven't written about my girlfriend for three reasons: 1. she likes to keep a low Internet profile; 2. she doesn't want to be a recurring character on a blog; and 3. things are always a bit delicate in a relationship, you know? The relationship comes first. I want to be courteous of her privacy as well as ours. It's a really amazing story, though, and one day I hope I'll be able to tell it. --Mike]

As a student, I once lived in 11 houses/apartments in 18 months. Needless to say, after I bought a house I stayed in the one spot - for some 25 years. Congratulations upon your decision - and condolences for the stress of your move!

Good luck in your new adventure:)

Plus, you getting out more to take pics can only end up in interesting stuff.

Congratulations! The good news is that most of the sorting and cleaning out are already done.

This comes as good news for your readers. Looking forward to future posts about new experiences.

Congratulations are in order Mike! A 2nd move within a year is disruptive but probably much easier than the first one was. It will certainly cut down on the commuting. A lot of changes in your life over the past few years but all for the better. Just goes to show that once you start something it can sometimes lead to pleasant and unforeseen consequences! Enjoy the ride.

PS Get started on that Gallery - I'm sure more than a few of us would like to drop in and visit you! :-)

A hearty congratulations. I hope that this will mean I may get to meet you, since getting up to the Finger Lakes is more plausible to me by car and weekend trip than out to the midwest, despite its own quiet charms.

Congratulations and good luck! Looks like that new wide angle lens might be getting a lot of use too.

Hey Mike,

Born in the Finger Lakes and still have a cottage on Cayuga Lake, will be there the first week in August. Maybe we can meet for coffee or dinner. I love the region, congrats!

No more ageism from Mike. Anyone that can move this often, and to be near their girlfriend, is still on the young side of "water house stops". ( A name for your gallery/museum project ? )
Moving, new projects, more shooting, girlfriend - be prepared to shed extra pounds at a new pace.

i had planned to visit sometime when i had to go to Milwaukee, but, alas NY is a little too far from Madison.

Good for you!! Grab life when it offers itself!! And take a big show shovel!!


Wow, it seems like only a year ago that I bought a HELP TOP MOVE print, and then saw the images you posted of your new digs. Wait ... it was just a year ago. Well, it surely sounds like a great move on all counts.

If you will be in and around your new Keuka Lake home and TOP WW HQ between July 17 & 24 (family vacation brings me there, then), can I buy you a cup of coffee in Hammondsport? (Aroma Gallery cafe is an interesting venue for both light fare and art). Will your new home be closer to Hammondsport or to Penn Yann?

Good luck on everything. May happiness abound.

I hope you cleared this with Butters and Lulu! Also, does this mean you are going to become a landscape photographer now? Just no flowers!

Long distance relationships are hard so I'm glad you're doing this. Sounds like a huge plus that the area is beautiful and inspires your creativity. In college the career people try to get people to go wherever there is a good job. Their value system is messed up. Move where your love is and where you feel happy. Family, love, health are way more important than a job.

Sounds nice! I don't envy the moving part, but upstate NY is beautiful.
Good luck there!

We were over in that area last summer and it's easy to see why you're moving there Mike. Good luck Adam

Congratulations again. In the earlier post (with the Keuka Lake pictures) were you and S. checking out new homes then?

New York is a wonderful State, so much going on. Good Luck with this next phase. Maybe we'll run across each other now that we're not neighbors.


The Crawford ranch is little east of Tracy.
Funny thing is that in April I parked in that cul-de-sac around the corner from your house to try to get to the beach with my daughter while waiting for her flight from SFO. I didn't know you lived there till Mike mentioned it in his report. We ended up going to fort funston to watch the hang gliders instead.

Congratulations! I think it will be like turning over a new leaf, not only for you and S., but for TOP and us readers, too. I hope that everything goes well, and that your stress level remains manageable! Have fun!

I live in Geneva, just northeast of you on Seneca Lake. I'd love to get together to chat photography and tell you what I know about the region...from restaurants to wineries to hiking. You're also welcome to visit my restored 1947 Spartan Manor travel trailer, which is large enough for me but not large enough for a photography museum. Welcome to the region! Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about the area!

I wish you the best Mike

I am a native of the area (born and raised on the shores of Cayuga Lake) and I do miss the beauty and simplicity of the area (as compared to S. California where I am now). Congratulations on your move. Look forward to see many heart-tugging photos.

Budd Riker

Congrats, Mike. My mother always used to say that three moves were as good as a fire for getting rid of the sedimentation of life's accumulations, so you're 2/3 of the way there. That's a beautiful area, and I don't think that the winters could be worse than the Milwaukee area.


It sounds like you have your priorities in order. All the best.

I have always wanted to spend time in the Finger Lakes, but have only taken two short trips from my N.J. home: one to Skaneateles (which the locals pronounce "skinny atlas," which for the life of me I can't figure out!), and one to the Dr. Konstantin Frank vineyard north of Hammondsport. I do need to spend more time in the area.

I'll miss your being in suburban Milwaukee, where I was born and raised. I always liked reading your reports from the home front. I visit my cousin in Waukesha a few times a year, and I've been hoping to build enough time into one of those trips to visit you. I found the site of "Wisconsin #7" back in April when a last-minute weather-related flight delay gave me a few extra hours to spend in the area. It looked far less magical on that dreary spring day (typical of Wisconsin) I drove by.

Best wishes for a successful move and a new life in upstate N.Y.!

I am looking forward to this! My wife is from near Owasco Lake (Auburn, which is a really interesting city, rich with history), and we are looking to move to that area in the next few years. While I will always think northern Ohio is best, upstate NY is hard to beat. There is always great scenery, and the weather nine months out of the year is great! (Snow!) I look forward to seeing the gallery and getting to meet you!

When do we meet at Ravines winery? SOON PLEASE!

BTW, with reference to Mani's comment, Finger Lakes winter weather is also worse than that to the NORTH, which is why red wines are so variable in the area. Ravines, mentioned above, is one of the better producers.

I saw this coming (snicker) -- welcome to the area!

"A man ruled by his woman" heheheehe (just kidding). Enjoy your new secret paradise.

Congratulations and good luck, Mike. Maybe we'll find out what "S" stands for soon! 😀 Your plans for the new international HQ sound great.

Mike, you've set yourself up nicely to host ... PHOTO WORKSHOPS! Beautiful landscape outside your backdoor, nice big gallery/workshop space, and [coming soon] the big beautiful bunk house for all us visiting photogs. Sweet, right? RIGHT? MIKE...??

Dear Hugh,

OK, that's outside of normal visiting range, I'm afraid.

Hah, I know exactly where you parked! It used to be possible to get down the cliffs from there, but that washed out 30 years back.

Possibly it wouldn't have made any difference had you known-- I was in Minneapolis from April 1 until the 15th.

pax / Ctein

If you are leaving WI, so will I.


This sounds right so best of luck with all your grand plans.


Congratulations, Mike, to you and 'S' ! Looks like the right thing to do. Hopefully not all your boxes were unpacked yet after your last move?

I'm reading this the morning after we moved out of our home in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes. It was rainy and misty with occasional late evening sunlight on the treetops and little wispy clouds rising out of the hills as our bus rolled down NY-17. It was as if the countryside, beautiful enough as is, had decided to put on a grand show for our last day.

We will miss the Finger Lakes. Keuka is beautiful as are all the waterbodies in the region. We had a wonderful time there.


Sounds like a great move. As a Rochesterian, and a partner in The Image City Photography Gallery, I invite you to visit us after you get settled. Looking forward to meeting you sometime.

GIl Maker

Congratulations! Sounds wonderful, in all aspects.

Hey Mike, that's great.

It's a beautiful area and I used to know it well. I have an old friend who used to live in Syracuse and we'd drive out there and do some sailing and hiking at the weekends.

At least you are used to the winters ;-)

I wish good luck to you, even if I was always against living in a location that forces you to depend on car for commuting/get groceries/go to medic or apothecary. The impact on the environment in terms of pollution is very bad.

Congratulations Mike. I see that Fred is almost your neighbour over there in Saratoga ... A mere 200 miles away.
Where i come from that wouldd literally put you on the other side of the country.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be at your back ......


Good luck Mike. You'll be a quick five-hour drive from Toronto.

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