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Thursday, 25 June 2015


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I've gotten my copy as well! It's size and weight also contribute to it not being something you'd try to take in all at once or in large gulps.

I'm amused to note that there were only 10 left in stock with Amazon UK this afternoon; now down to ..... 13.

And that's after I bought one.

Many of the photos within the book weren't taken with a Leica.

Isn't that false advertising & false history?

Got mine and was not expecting such a big and heavy book. The Decisive Moment is big enough. The Mexican Suitcase (another big one) arrived a few days ago in a white box shaped like a small suitcase with black lettering that said, "The Mexican Suitcase". My postal carrier is Hispanic and I told him it was a book. I'm sure the DEA will come pounding on my door any day now.

After ordering in advance The Decisive Moment, and not getting it, plus the price has now skyrocketed. I am a bit down on buying books.

"Many of the photos within the book weren't taken with a Leica"

Leica has been known to use assumed names.
Just sayin....

Big book!!

Started it yesterday but I doubt it will be finished quickly. Not that it is hard to read, just a lot to read.

"Many of the photos within the book weren't taken with a Leica."

Which ones? Please don't say the ones without a certain glow ;)

I got mine a few days ago, and rather than sitting down and browsing, I put it on a bookstand I got along with a copy of the "compact" version of Sumo. I turn one or two pages a day, stopping sometimes as I pass the hall table on which it rests, to read and enjoy the photographs [many of which are like visiting old friends]. It will take considerable time to finish it this way, but I've found this an enjoyable way of slowly absorbing the content. It is like a box of chocolates, in a way...and I'll admit to having sweet tooth.

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