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Wednesday, 06 May 2015


Hmm ... tough call on which might be the three from the Light, landscape, lives section.

I am particularly taken with #22, which I originally read as death or sickness, but might be just a lamb at rest (under a mom's watchful eye). That lack of certainty keeps me involved. #33 is nice, and perhaps seen here in an earlier post, but if I was a betting man, I'd lay money on # 42 which should be absolutely stunning in print.

Is this a betting site ?

So glad you "discovered" Kate! And worked out this print sale! Now I can only hope the prints offered will be from my wish list!

Outstanding mastery of light and darkness. Never seen the like.

Love the first one at night with snowflakes and sheep's eyes in the flashlight. It looks like a cartoon images. Funny and beautiful.

Suspect there may be several of us would like to hear some of the journey taken to achieve the finished prints. So that's one please can we, from me. I do want to take up printing one day, but too many other challenges at the moment.

Whenever the word "magical" is used to describe something, disappointment nearly always follows... but not in this case. Deeply dream-like images that immediately stirred my imagination. Wonderful photographer, thank you for introducing me to her work.

I'm really, really looking forward to this sale!!!. I knew the photographer and her work is very poetic and inspiring. I hope the prince is within my reach. I hope one of those offered is 40, 56, or 63 ... fingers crossed

Dear Folks,


I keep waiting for someone to shout out, "Bingo!"

pax / Ctein

Dear Dave,

Ummm, probably not. And not as useful as you'd imagine.

If you want to get a general sense of what kinds of tools and approaches I use, I've written quite a few columns that talk about that. Google "Ctein custom" and "Ctein printing" or click on the Ctein link on the right and scroll back through previous columns.

pax /Ctein

Amazing photographs. Astonishing that there is still something new to say about the Lake District. I would hardly dare raise a camera there for fear of the great weight of cliche dangling above my head.

There must and shall be chickens!

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