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Wednesday, 06 May 2015


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Hi mike
What is left on micro 4/3 lenses?


Hey Mike you could accidentally slip that Rollei into the box along with the GX-7 I purchased.

[Tried. Wouldn't fit. --Mike]

So much for your "2013 Camera of the Year", eh? Shocking! ;-}

[You can't keep 'em all. Well, YOU can, but I can't!


I really like the E-M1. --Mike]

I'd love to put my hands on that E-M1.
I live in Argentina, and there are no Olympus bodies around here.
It's not that they're expensive, nobody sells them.
Talk about lenses? Maybe one or two on the local ebay branch.
I got my EM5 and 17mm from BH NY on recent trip.

My SONY RX10 and RX100s all sometimes reset themselves (especially overnight) to strange settings that I never use.

I'm tempted by the EM 1, but think I might save for an em5mkii (to replace my gh2) - but by the time I make up my mind the EM-1 mkii will probably be out. Also, at the moment a new printer is a higher priority; probably the new epson p600 (is that the right number; the 17" one).

When did you buy the Nikkor 58mm? What did you think of it?

[February 2014, and for me it's a little long. Then again, for me a 50 is a little long. --Mike]

Well if it makes you feel better I'm in the midst of a similar project. I've decided to de-accession at least all of my M43 cameras and lenses/adapters and many of my Canon lenses that I simply never use (i.e. 24, 35, et.al.) and some Zeiss lenses. Plus other gear, such as a few excellent-but-not-needed bags, tripods, at least a few film cameras, ... It's painfully time-consuming and I feel your pain.

But I think it's going to be emotionally (and spacially) very liberating! So onward!

If the Sony Zeiss 24mm buyer backs out, please consider me ready to purchase and pay immediately.


Did you accidentally change the drive mode dial to something other than S (Single) on your X-T1 (like ADV, advanced Filter, Toy Mode) while trying to change ISO? If so, then a warm welcome to the Club.

Mike, doubtful the camera reset itself. A reported occurrence is the drive mode is moved when the camera is put into a smallish camera bag. A move to toy mode will negate raw and leave jpeg colour only. Reset drive to "s" or whichever you use, and your in business. With your travels, you may have had this happen.


Mike, I may have missed this, but these would be US only sales? (asking from Europe).

Focus stacking. About all I do is product shots.

A while back there was a (short term) problem with Capture One tethering to either a Canon 1Ds2 or a 5D3. Normally I use a 90mm f/2.8 TSE lens to get the needed depth of field, but without the ability to focus on a 30' monitor that was a non-starter. So I set the lens to the straight ahead default and did three shots focused at the front, middle and rear of the object.

Now the Canon Tilt & Shift breaths about as bad as any lens I've seen. When my retoucher opened the three files in PShop we had three different sized images. She hit the button and PShop spit-out a merged all-in-focus image faster than you can read this sentence. So no reason to buy a new camera 8-)

BTW you should stop-down to f/11 or f/16 (DX or FX) for max depth of field. Don't worry about defraction ...by the time the file is filtered through a Web-browser or a Web-press you'll never see it.

BTW2 You already have two systems that I think you can use. M4/3 and the iPhone. With the M4/3 try something around 25-30mm and f/5.6-f/8.

BTW3 What did the field camera sell for? I'm halfway looking for both a 4x5 and an 8x10. My 4x5 monorail is just too big to take outside.

If you pixelpeep the lower Leica is slightly better. But they look equal when viewed in FireFox on my 27" iMac.

Mike: is there a Maxxum 7 body left? If so, what'll you take for it?

A good follow up would be about the gear that doesn't sell, even at desperate prices, and why that is?

And then the junk drawer piece... orphaned lens caps, that $50 BW filter that doesn't fit any of your current lenses, multiple spare cable releases, etc. It's all too tedious to list on eBay yet probably worth several hundred dollars.... There is a potential business opportunity (or perhaps a community organizing event) resting in our drawers ;-p

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