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Thursday, 14 May 2015


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One of the advantages of my One Camera, One Lens, One Year project is not having to consider any other lenses for the camera. So I'm saving a lot of money right now.

But after March 2016 look out!

That lens looks very good in early samples. Fuji primes have both attracted me and scared me away from the system. Funny how we all have our psychological limits with money. For me, used to m43 prices, I am less likely to buy a lens more than $600. $1000 sounds like a lot for primes. But it does look like a good one, and we don't have a lens like it in micro fourthirds.

I don't own a Fuji camera, but I have to confess a significant interest. Can I be a fan if I have only shot with a rented X100s that I didn't like enough to buy? Fuji seems to have a lot of momentum, and are producing some compelling bodies & lenses.

There's no question that "fanboy" is derogatory.

For Kirk in PDX:

You might rent an X100T and see what you think. I rented the X100S for a two week vacation in the Tetons, and didn't like it well enough over my X-Pro1 to buy it.

The X100T, IMO, is a much better camera, notably zippier and more responsive in use, with faster AF, and a number of mechanical engineering and control interface improvements that made it a compelling value proposition for me.

It is now my most-used Fuji X-camera.

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