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Monday, 27 April 2015


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This is basically the plot line of the Swedish film Turist, except with a harmless avalanche instead of oxygen masks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force_Majeure_(film)

It didn't occur to the wife that she could share the mask, of course. It looks like it was just the last straw, but for which one, or was it both?

As regards it being Monday this week when Open Mike appeared, while your week starts a day earlier than most people's, there's nothing wrong with honouring Saint Monday once in a while.

LOL, that's priceless.

I'm reminded of a scene in the hilarious and very much for-adults animated series "Drawn Together", which is a take-off of a "reality show", with various archetypical comics characters living together in a house.
One of them is a Superman clone, "Captain Hero", with pretty much Superman's build and powers, but *none* of Superman's ethics.
At one point a shootout breaks loose in a club, and Captain Hero yells "Hero Shield On!", and grabs a bystanding woman and holds her up as a shield. She is shot to hell, but fortunately for our invulnerable but careful hero, no high-caliber guns are used and no bullets go through her to hit him.
Well, I thought it was funny. You had to see it. Or be a bastich.

Perfect story.

That Swedish film seemed to be a remake of The Loneliest Planet with Gael Garcia Bernal which features a lovely honeymooning couple confronted by some gun toting locals (believe in the scenic wilds of the country of Georgia). Upon first encounter, the husband momentarily (momentarily!!!) places his wife between him and their rifle. Downhill from there...

Isn't it interesting to watch how the deeply seated indifference of one person for another can manifest itself in the oddest ways? Those indifferences or hatreds are not uncommon, it's just the context in which they show up that can often make them seem unusual.

Martin beat me to it; reminds me of "Turist" (AKA, "Force Majeure"), which I watched last week and really enjoyed. Aside from the avalanche, it's a pretty quiet film; all the energy is in the subtle and not so subtle fluctuations of the relationship as the couple struggles with the aftermath of what might or might not have been the man's cowardice, or at least his apparent lack of heroism.

I once pissed off the pilot on a flight. Luckily it was as everyone was deplaning anyway.

Came in for a normal landing and this guy FLOATS it in and lands what must have been halfway down the runway.

Hate that!

So as we are walking off and they are standing there saying good bye, I asked the Captain if he was Air Force. Sure enough. Yep.

Well I respond that just because God gave you all that runway doesn't mean you have to use it.

He was not pleased.

Dge must be a naval aviator, always aiming for the number three cable on a short, heaving,moving runway.

I have flown up here in Alaska for about 32 years and have also litigated a fair number of air crash cases. My spouse, a psychologist, does NOT appreciate my unfortunate penchant for blithely recalling various mishaps that have occurred (to others, thankfully) while our airliner is on the takeoff roll or when landing in bad IMC. She notices that grey hair in the seats forward of us seems to get a bit greyer as my stories progress. Bumpy approaches seem to work best.

We should all be grateful that we're not placed in "life and death" situations very often. :)

Curious legal question: had it mattered and she suffered harm, presumably the man have been guilty of some kind of unlawful assault or killing.

Living in north Queensland, I heard a similar story of a young husband pulling his wife from the boat's swimming ladder in order to get out of the sea first when a shark approached while skindiving over a coral reef.
They are still married but it would have been emotionally frosty for a few hours despite the balmy weather.

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