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Friday, 03 April 2015


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More street photography-

Congratulations on completing this project, Gordon. I just purchased the Kindle version and look forward to looking forward through it this weekend (when I'm not hunting eggs, that is).

Surprised to see the kindle version of Gordon Lewis's book is more expensive than the paperback?

is this an error by Amazon.

I love Gordon's eye for the unique and sense of geometry in space. Add in his easy way with words, and that's an easy pre-order to make.

I also miss Shutterfinger and Gordon's insights.

Thanks to all who made flattering comments about the book and Shutterfinger. As Mike can surely testify, maintaining a blog is more than a notion. Given everything else going on in my life, I'm not always up to the task. The site is still up though, so I may add a few posts over the next few weeks embellish the thoughts presented in the book. You might also want to visit http://www.thedigitalstory.com/ tomorrow for a podcast featuring yours truly speaking on "the ethics of street photography."

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