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Sunday, 12 April 2015


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The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne Vermont (just south of Burlington) has the "Kodachrome Memories" exhibit through May 25th for any one willing to travel to Vermont at the end of mud season.

I was wearing my Dewayne's Photo Kodachrome T-shirt this morning."

Except that Dwayne's didn't process the last roll!

Link says £35 :(

Hi Mike, being in the UK I followed your £11.56 link and got to the page with a £35.00 pricing....just letting you know.

Note that if you set up an account (which is still possible, as far as I know), Amazon UK is quite happy to sell books to customers located in the USA. Shipping is a little expensive if you're in a hurry, but otherwise it's the normal Amazon experience, just with more "u"s in the words.


The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont has most of Nathan Benns "Kodachrome Memories" photos on display. The show runs through May 25th. I enjoyed the show immensely.


I went to the opening. Nathan gave a wonderful overview of being a new National Geographic photographer and given the one word assignment "Vermont". He spent several months in Vermont for the Geographic story. I had a nice chat with him after his presentation about how he immersed himself into Vermont communities and landscape. Quite a feat as Nathan was a Floridian.

Thank you ! I purchased the book for £11.56, it's lovely, and I feel a bit guilty for paying so little for it.

The bad thing about this book is that it encourages related temptations: if someone could tell my why the X100T is a bad camera, and Fuji's 'Classic Chrome' is a useless simulation I could continue to save money ...........


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