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Sunday, 05 April 2015


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Hence the need for an Easter bonnet…

Here in California, we'd gladly take all that snow..all we can get. Any water, in any form, would be most welcome.

Interestingly, it snowed here, too, in Anchorage, Alaska, and we haven't had snow here for weeks upon weeks; one of the strangest winters we've ever had here. Happy Easter to you and all.

Blue skies here in the Netherlands. We even didn't have a white Christmas...

Enjoy your Easter weekend.


Oh no! Not another phone something photo.
Me too, I'm just sayin'
Happy Easter.

We have a saying here in Switzerland in regard to April weather.
"April, April, macht was er will"
Which basically means April does what he wants." (Months obviously being male).
And to back it up the weather forecast today went along the lines of: temperatures between -1 and 10 C°, expecting scattered showers and snow with sunshine and wind in the afternoon.

hard to find the eggs ... Just saying !!!

Happy Easter to you too. We are at Diskneelandeparee and it is bloody freezing but at least not snowy. I snuck off for a day to the real Paris and it was very not springlike. Took two film cameras for company. Felt like 1989 once more-no screen, no chimping. Just the fun of waiting for the film to return with errors and learning-just like the old days. Joyeaux Paques as our French friends say.

Same thing here, sigh...

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