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Monday, 16 March 2015


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I couldn't be more pleased.

There is also this video about this book...


Brady Haren makes several series of nice videos about a lot of things.

How nice that the first photobook is online. Too bad it wasn't easier to view; clicking on each individual page and then having to double click to see the page at a decent resolution is a bit awkward.

Let's not forget Constance Talbot. According to some photographic histories she was the first woman to make a camera-based photograph, although none of her or Atkins's camera images exist today.

Anna Atkins's cyanotype photogram documentation of algaes is truly a remarkable body of work for any day, but especially for its day.

George Eastman House produced a relatively recent video on the cyanoype process which briefly references Atkins's work while describing the cyanotype process, one of photography's earliest methods.

Mike: Pay close attention to catch brief remarks by a mutual friend, former MAM curator Lisa Hostetler, who has just celebrated her first anniversary as Curator-in-Charge at GEH.

I'm going to have the absolute pleasure of seeing some Anna Atkin's work this year at Stills gallery in Edinburgh. Something I've always wanted to see.

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