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Saturday, 14 March 2015


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Might want to use Google to show the same thing. That site was trying to send my browser all over the web...

[Done, thanks --Mike]

I don't get it... As in I think they are a couple beers short of a 6-pack...

I suppose it has some meaning, hopefully to them, but I still don't understand why you would literally want to make a permanent deformity of one of your vital organs.


Hmmm...I ran into a lot of Leica aficionados at the grand opening of the Leica Store the other night, and I don't recall any of them sporting Leica tattoos.

If I ever get a tattoo, it will probably be a simple Latin translation of "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

I thought about getting some ink to better connect with the young people I work with so I went to the local tatoo parlor and asked what would work on me.
The lady looked me over and said "best if used before 1978".
This whole Rollei thing is making me sad. I have a 2.8f that I bought in the early 70's. Still pull a roll or two a year through it just because it makes me happy. I suppose you don't need much more reason than that.

I like it - though I think I would have picked the MX myself.

Oh, and literally, you forearm is not a vital organ, even if you're a photographer.

It bothers me more and more to see the young cover themselves with aggressive tatooing, especially young women. As someone with an extensive port wine stain birthmark that has gotten even uglier over the years (although thank god it's not over my face), it boggles my mind that someone would willfully cover themselves with something akin to what I would be so happy to get rid of, even at my age.

[Hey Tex, BRO. I have a large port wine stain birthmark as well, also not on my face. Covers half of my right hand and arm and parts of my shoulder and chest. I participate in the Vascular Birthmark Foundation (VBF), most of the activities of which are centered around helping kids with birthmarks. The biggest "stains" are psychological, as you and I well know. --Mike]

"Permanent reminder of a temporary feeling" J. Buffett

That's nice, Mike, but check out this one:

Obviously Lotte has an eye for photography... in the middle of her forehead.

If she is studying digital photography, why did she get a tattoo showing an analog camera???

[See the link. --Mike]

I got a similar tattoo, but after doing a Pentax K1000 on one forearm and a Nikon FM2 on the other, I ran out of room to upgrade to a Leica. I actually, wound up having the Leica M5 tattooed directly over my left eye (as I am left-eye dominant). You can imagine what problems the digital "revolution" has caused -- in a few short years upgrading from a Canon Digital Rebel to a Canon 5D to a Nikon D3 has really made a mess of my face and arms. I had only just healed from the last upgrade before I had to go for laser removal and re-inking. On the plus side, I had a Domke F3 bag inked across my backside, and as I have aged it has enlarged all on its own and is now large enough to fit my LF gear. Now let me tell you about my zoom lens [/satire off]

Odd auction items, apart from the high precision metrology equipment going for scarp-metal, seemed to include a locked room and a locked safe both with "contents unknown" !!

The site location is five hours away from me. If it was closer I might be tempted to make a visit for some of the general purpose items.

"Who cares any more if your film work is "sharp"?"

I do.

"I'd rather have it look more like film."

So would I. Which, in my case, means sharp contact prints. :-)


Your reply to Mr. Guarini sparkles me. I started to use last year old lenses on my Monochrom. I have contemporary asph 35 and 50, but I do prefer 40 years old lenses, with all the full aperture vigneting and softness.

Go figure.

I like the comment about sharpness: I have an MX with a Tessar lens and it has wonderful qualities. It's actually pretty sharp, at least in the center, but the overall look is very pleasant.

Also like the photo of Lotte; my eyes are drawn more to her smile than the tattoo and the arm in front of her eyes creates a nice aura of mystery. Surprising qualities for a documentary photo.

"Most people react really enthusiastic about this tattoo, especially other photographers..."

I didn't see Lotte's phone number anywhere in this post!

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