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Monday, 30 March 2015


I think the new software distributing strategie of ADOBE will lead to a much more complex and problematic scenario in the future for people who depent on computers. One can expect that ADOBE will not be the only company, who will seduce their customers to hang on the “Creative-Photography-Plan”-or-whatever-NEEDLE instead of selling them a product, which the customer more or less owns.
In a few years, when our present computers, which now hold our owned software, are physically or technically unusable, we would depend on the mercy of the software industry and we could only hope, that the monthly fees and the other conditions! are more or less affordable for us.
I think, the current 10$ fee is nothing less than a gateway drug.

I simply cannot see why a photographer of your stature (read as: technical ability) would need or want photoshop or any other non camera mfg. software.
They cannot possibly extract more or better performance from the sensor data than ¨thems' what made 'em ¨ can. So Why oh WHY bother????
Then, the question that given your abilities why would post monkeying be either desired or needed!!? Native (in camera) .jpg or .tiff leave it alone. You especially can ¨get what your inner eye saw¨ at point of shutter release.
So...again I ask why not back to your true roots and leave the toys for the minions needing them?
Okay, soapbox safely away...

Dear folks,

Again, because there seem to be many folks not clear on this, $10 a month gets you Photoshop and Lightroom CC, and you can buy by the month and turn it on and off as you wish. $30 a month gets you the entire Creative Suite, which is great if you need all those other media tools and irrelevant otherwise.

And for everyone who keeps predicting that Adobe is just sucking us in so they can gouge us next year... I am going to smugly point out that when Photoshop CC was first announced, I predicted they would drive the price down, not up, to the below-$10 point, for very sound marketing reasons. And y'all doubted me, so nyah nyah. Now I will predict that gouging is not in the future plans.


Dear Mike Fewster,

This is NOT cloud-based software. There are cloud-based features for storage and moving stuff around and coordinating between apps, if you're into that kind of thing (I'm not) but Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC under Windows and Mac OS X are exactly the way they were before. (Android and iOS apps for tablets are an entirely different matter––we're not talking about those). They are fully resident on your computer, they run entirely on your computer, and they don't need to talk to the inter-web. All that has changed is that there is now a timeout on the activation code within the programs that didn't exist in prior to CC. That's all!


Dear Matthew,

Adobe offers (and actively promotes) a FREE program for Windows and Mac OS X called DNG Converter. It is kept as up-to-date for the newest camera models as Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom. You can use it to work with files from any of the most recent cameras in any version of Lightroom or Photoshop that recognizes DNG files.

Yes, it is lossless; no, it doesn't throw away any information that was in your camera's original file. It just converts it to a more "universal" format. I convert all my cameras' files to DNG, just for consistency, and because it has a **modestly** better chance of being readable in the future.

pax \ Ctein
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Agreed - that's a heck of a wonderful picture, thanks!

Hi Ctein,

To clarify your clarification:

The Photography Plan (PS & LR) $9.99/month requires a yearly commitment which cannot be turned on and off as far as I know. (I've been unable to find ANY information about that on Adobe's website, but I'd be happy if it were true).

You CAN get an individual monthly single app subscription to PS (or any of the apps) which you can turn on and off, but that subscription is $19.99/month.

And yes, you can get a $29.99/month deal which gets you the whole shebang. But this is only available to previous customers who have CS3 or later. The $29.99 price is only good for the first year, after which Adobe will charge you the regular price of $49.99/month.

Dear Rick,

You're right. I didn't have any trouble finding a subscription details page at Adobe – – I just asked Google "can I subscribe to Photoshop by the month?"

The monthly payment is for a year contract and you can cancel early, but there is a substantial penalty. Turning it on and off by the month does not appear to be feasible any longer. At some point it was true, but it is clearly not true any longer.

Personally, I don't think paying $10 a month for Photoshop is a big deal, not compared to the cost of BUYING Photoshop! Everyone's mileage on this will differ.

pax / Ctein

It is possible to break the addiction, to actually leave the Adobe Tax Train. There may even be a support program, kind of a 12 step process. From personal experience as one who went "cold turkey" it's tough, at first. Eventually though your head clears up and you feel ever so much better in the morning.

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