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Friday, 13 March 2015


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where is all your facial hair?

[I have a new girlfriend, for the first time in a long time, as of last September. She's not against beards, but I decided kissing was nicer without the beard. Et voila. :-) --Mike]

LH shadow across the chest hurts it. I'll not be ordering a print.

It's not just you. Here in Ottawa, all anyone has been talking about lately is the cold.

About a month ago on the way to work in the morning, when I was stuck at a red light longer than a minute I could visibly see the engine temperature indicator drop, and the air blowing out of the heater vents got cooler. I had to slip it into neutral and rev the engine to stay warm. That's never happened to me before.

My wife and I like winter, but we hated this one.

You looked better with beard!

However the warmth of this week has been enjoyable!

Spring in the middle of March is odd. I just pulled the snow tires off the car. I expect a foot of snow. It was -7 on the 5th.

I think we're all going to die come the fires of july.

Where there is feast there is also famine. We can't buy a drop of rain here in California. And, we need it BADLY.

You photographed yourself while asleep ?

That's dedication.

I have to light the Parkray today. It is a solid fuel central heating boiler for the hot water tank and radiators, and it also heats my living room directly. We are now at the time of year where I only have to light it every couple of days.

That means that if I am out all day I will not bother with it, and if it's a bit cool when I go to bed I just use the hot water bottle, where warm feet means warm all over.

A daytime outside temperature of 57 F/14 C seems to be the tipping point where the place stays warm enough through heat from cooking and computing.

Never mind the weather,where's the beard Mike,is this a new look for TOPS CEO.

Here in the Twin Cities we have been cycling from 20 degrees F. above average to 20 degrees below average all winter long. Currently we're in a warm phase, with no snow on the ground. Tomorrow our niece and her husband fly in from Boston, where it is about 20 degrees colder. Will they have a pleasant surprise!

Do the duck face, Mike! You need to stay in touch with today's ways if you want your selfies to be taken seriously.

I don't think it ever got above freezing in February here in Maine. At all. We also had five feet of snow in about a week.
A few weeks ago, I climbed out my daughter's bedroom window to shovel off the kitchen roof. When I was finished, I just jumped off the roof into the snow bank.

Lookin' good without that beard, man.


You are usually exceptionally accurate in your references, however it is Amory Lovins ( not Hunter Lovins, you may be confusing him with Hunter S Thopmson who was someone else altogether)
Amory is Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Amory is a shining light to all of us who have worked in the renewable energy field

[Thanks Dave, fixed now. --Mike]

Mike' confusion might be that Hunter Lovins is spouse of Amory. Just a lot of Lovins!

Mike, you may not choose to take this seriously, but to me, that might be the best of your photos that you've posted yet.

I know others are prettier, have more interesting compositions, etc. And I care about those things. But here you give us yourself, undefended, in an expected springtime of the year and an unexpected springtime of your life, and it makes me feel so connected to you.

Is it a coincidence that you recently wrote about Kertész, whose work, IMHO, endures because he wore his heart on his sleeve?

BTW, I wrote about Kertész on Twitter a few days before you posted this.


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