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Monday, 09 March 2015


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Congratulations to the winners! Also, a big thanks to Mike for all the time and effort he put into the contest. 228 prints seems like a monumental task for one person to winnow down to three winners.

I must say I was both surprised and honored when I saw my name listed among the finalists. Thanks again, Mike and I look forward to seeing (and possibly purchasing) the winning prints...

Congratulations to the winners! I was happily surprised last week to see two of my images in the finalist list (wonder which two?). That actually was a major boost, Mike, because it was the first time I had submitted an image of mine to any contest and thus the first time that someone with a fine eye for photography judged my work. I was honored and now might actually do something with the better images on my hard drive instead of letting them linger there. So, thanks Mike!

If I am arrogant enough to submit a print to you which happens to be printed at Costco... do you just laugh or what? I get (what I think are) good results when sending them a corrected and color-profiled file. Their B&W prints honestly look just like my silver prints from 1972 (after much work). I really don't print often enough to do it well at home - my inks dry out.

However, I imagine it would be hard to charge $$$ for a $3 Costco print - no matter how good it actually is... Is a better printing service available and appropriate?

[I only ask people to submit workprints, so a Costco print that meets your approval is fine for that. If the picture is chosen, we would evaluate the print and consider printing methods individually. --Mike]


The entire Keck contest process was great. The potential for recognition, a wonderful vacation and make money if your print is chosen one of the three finalists was quite a motivator. Like John and R. A. above, I was honored to have a couple of my prints among the finalists. Thanks Mike.

I'm eager to see the winners.

I'd like to echo the sentiments expressed in the first two comments, starting with sincere congratulations to the winners. I (very rarely) enter contests, but always with the Zen precept "Expect Nothing!" very much in mind. So I was delighted (and a little relieved) to find my name on the shortlist - a very pleasing achievement in itself.

But I have a question and a suggestion. Mike - what do you intend to do with the 200+ prints, now presumably stacked around your house? Why not have a print sale? 50 bucks a print and the buyer takes pot luck - as the orders come in you just take the next print off the top of the stack. And you can recycle all that packaging!

Congratulations, and I'm excited about the next contest.

Mike, it increasingly sounds like you need an assistant, a Watson for Holmes, or something like that.

David Jacobs, Flagpole Swim. Please, please please. All right so I'm a DOM.

Kate Kirkwood and Ctein.....perrrfect.

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