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Wednesday, 04 March 2015


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Could we put together an online gallery of the selected work, including those "not appropriate for a print sale"? I'd love to see some.

Well done the finalists. I'm curious to see who wins...I'll bet we're in for a treat. Also thanks to Mike for the tough job of running such a contest.

Any chance we will get to see the all the submissions?

[No, I don't see how. --Mike]

Not see all the submissions? Why not, its not like it is hard to post a bunch of images online...

Bill Mitchell: "Never heard of any of 'em."

Bill, you've been posting along with Arne at the Large Format Forum for ages!

Sad to see that I didn't make the cut but I thank you for the kind words. Very encouraging!
And good luck to the finalists!

Ed, Mark and CharlieH

Mike received physical prints. (I know, I entered). To do an online gallery, he'd have to make or receive jpegs of the same and also get the author's permission to show them. That's a significant amount of work.

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