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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


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Hi Mike,

This note is timely. Like many people who shop at B&H, I don't remember to do so through the links on my favorite blogs. We do want to support you, and other bloggers, but sometimes we need a reminder.

With a newborn on the way, the Fuji 60mm 2.4 looks like the lens to purchase.

Thanks for TOP

Mike, thanks for the reminder. I have used Amazon UK but for another couple of items they were out of stock and I had to use WEX (Warehouse Express) and Park Cameras. Could they be added to your affiliates list?
I usually start the day with a look at TOP so it is essential that we readers support your efforts!

Love ya Mikey! Keep up the good work. Excuse the Aussie slang.

Congrats to you and Zander. Makes a parent proud.

Thanks for the reminder.

Hey, there, you are looking good - and healthy. True love will do that it seems. "-)

TOP is one of the saner spots in the universe - a welcome refuge from politics and screamer headlines and ranty comments. Keep up the good work.

Hi Mike!

This note got me thinking that I haven't seen any TOP transactions on my credit card bill for some time.
The PayPal subscription for the recurring contributions was active, but no payments had happened for some time now (only one or two skipped, don't worry (too much)).
It's renewed now, but I wonder if this kind of a quiet petering out might have happened to others as well.

Thanks for all the words!

Twelve novels' worth! Impressive.

My own blog has run since 2005, updated on the average twice a day I guess, though usually quite short posts, I wonder what my wordage is.

Writing a blog instead of a novel speaks to one of my weaknesses: ADD. I lose interest in a story after writing two pages. On the blog I just write a post about something new.
But I don't have to like it, I would really love to write a novel, and I've worked up so many ideas it's ridiculous.

congrats to Zander, and keep up the good work, Mike.

I use the TOP links when I can, but I'm never sure that they've actually worked. Is there a way to view ones' own purchases on Amazon and see what affiliate has benefited?

When I can I do. The fact that I live partly in Italy and partly in France, and for both you did not manage to have the affiliation does not help, but I understand you tried.

As you know Mike have contributed directly to your home address in the past. However with the Canadian dollar at 20 cents less in value than the US greenback, and it is my time to pay Revenue Canada their yearly dues, money shall not be forthcoming for a bit.
Please grow back your beard; you look naked.

Congrats dad & Zander! (big smile = had he just told you?)

Mike, you're an inspiration to me (and you keep me kosher). Also, the readers / followers of your blog are a very fine bunch indeed.

mike c

Using your Amazon link is the least I can do to help you and this site. Adding a single step to making purchases is insignificant compared to how much I learn about diverse subjects from your blog. I have decided I can spare the additional cost of a cheap meal per month by subscribing via PayPal to help out. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure Amazon wouldn't recognize me if I showed up from a non-TOP link, nor would B&H.

Hey, Mike,

Your novel has a lot of loose narrative threads I've been wondering about:

-Did you sell your old house?
-How do you like your new place?
-Has your pool table been re-installed?
-How did Zander fare making money with YouTube videos?
-What kind of car are you driving now?
-Any news on diets and dieting philosophy?
-You had a sleep study some time ago. Using a CPAP now? (16 years for me)
-There was a teaser from Ctein around the time of the Lincoln Memorial print. I think it was about NOT using custom profiles. Will Ctein follow up and provide more information?
-Are you close to doing an essay on your new love (photographic), the Fuji?
-Does your SO "do photography?"

There were more, but these are the ones on the top of my head.

Thanks for your good writing.

Thanks for all the good words, Mike.
And please add Amazon Australia to your "Purchases through TOP" links: I purchase books and ebooks from them often, and might as well do it through your links.

Thanks for the reminder. A modest contribution is a bargain for the nearly daily enlightenment and entertainment provided by TOP.

If you could find a way to add Amazon Japan, then I would be sure to order using your link.

Congratulations. I continue to happily funnel all Amazon purchases thru TOP. I think it was nice of Zander to get a decent shot of you while you were in lockdown.

Good for Zander and for you, Dad!

With best regards,


I second Mike R in his wish to tie up loose ends. You're almost family after all these years, Mike (but no pressure to reveal more about "S"). Can't get Ricky Gervais out of my head after seeing Zander's portrait. Why's that?

I promise, promise that I will buy my Leica lens through you!

Your son took a pretty good photo of you. Congrats on his academic success!

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