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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


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I go to the site, but I use BlogTrottr.com to alert me to new posts, and I had missed it too.

from what i can tell, the original call for reviews was edited then "republished" with a new date; that's an unorthodox blog flow, and a lot of feed readers will see that as the same post; on top of that many feed readers show only "unread" posts by default, so i think you basically fooled some folks' software into thinking there was nothing to see

i have set my feed reader to mark edited posts as "unread" (this tips me off to updates of the featured comments); changes are also highlighted, so i don't have to reread a whole article to find a small change; finally, my reader moved the edited post up to where it belonged by date, which other readers might not do

i don't recommend my reader (NetNewsWire 3.3.2) as it is pretty much abandonware, but before it changed hands twice it was built by one of the most RSS-savvy developers, so it gets a lot of features right

just want to add that the Oly 17 review comments were pretty interesting, and if i ever consider buying the lens i will read every word

FWIW it is missing from my Netvibes account as well

(You quoted my letter about RSS when you wrote about feeds last year. I'm so reliant upon the feed that this completely escaped my attention.)

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