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Sunday, 01 February 2015


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Did you know that I left a comment on your previous post about going to the Matisse show at MoMA? I was there about a month back. (The comment disappeared when it asked me to fill out the human-confirmation numbers etc.)

I floated through that place a few inches above ground. Like being drunk, in a very good way.

Re The Decisive Moment, Amazon tells me I should have it in hand Monday afternoon.

Aah, yes. I caught the Matisse Cutouts while it was on in London. I agree that it's a try-very-hard-not-to-miss show.

During a Provence trip last summer, I also made sure to visit Matisse's tiled and stained-glass chapel at St Paul de Vence - of which the model and cutout maquettes of earlier schemes, are presumably in the NY show as they were in London.

Seen in the flesh, the chapel's far more self-effacing and nuanced than I had expected. Quite masterly: powerful forces, held on a tight rein.

Lucky Duck. The Frick is a gem, a kind of space that may never come again, certainly not in New York.

You know. Matisse and HCB need to update their techniques.
Oh wait. They're dead.
Never mind.
Mi dos pesos.

We spent 3 weeks last summer in New York and Boston. New York is an outstanding World City, full of energy that grabs you, invites you in, asks you to be part of it and what can you add. Moma and the Metroploitan Museum of Art we would put high on our list of World class Museums and galleries. Whereas in Europe we are somewhat sedate and conservative, fencing off our best art. Here people were standing in front of $20M Jackson Pollocks taking selfies. The attitude was that this is art for the people and if that's how you see it, then that's fine.
We felt that The Metroploitan Museum of Art could be visited every day for a year and it could take that long to explore. By the time that you had finished you cou,d probably start all over again with new exhibits and exhibitions. It is not just what they have but the way that they do it. It had been suggested to us to visit the Frick but we had so many other things to do that it wil have to wait for another visit.

Between museums, galleries, and public spaces, New York City probably has more spaces devoted to art - including photography, than anywhere else in the U.S. While I can't evaluate Paris, London or other overseas locations,I expect it rates high in the world. Next time, try to spend two weeks there to get a good sample. It'll be fun - but not cheap!

Take an informal poll in various places as to how many you ask have visited an Art Gallery in the past year or ever.
Most times I do this the answer is related to school assignments with many never going to any art galleries outside of a requirement by a teacher.
As a former Gallery owner I find it frustrating. As a viewer of art of various types I find it frustrating. I take the opportunity to visit Art Galleries of various sorts whenever I can.
The Arts are not emphasized in school(US) and that is a shame. Art can be enjoyed both as a viewer and participant all ones life.

Shortly after reading this my copy of the book shipped from Amazon. You must have been the signal they were waiting for.


What a coincidence, the Dutch Museum "Mauritshuis" in the Hague will have an exhibition of a part of the Frick collection soon.


Keep up the good work,

At first glance, I thought the bottom photo in your post was of your pools tables at TOP's new World Headquarters.

Just curious. Will you be buying the reprint?

The Matisse show was wonderful. I loved it, my wife loved it, and my daughter, just four, was absolutely blown away. She's still talking about it a month after we went. I'd love to go back, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it back to NYC before it closes.

And it was nice to see those big prints of the Brown sisters on the way in.

The only thing that detracted from our visit was the sheer number of people who were also visiting the zoozeum of modern art!

The Frick collection? The last time I was there (7-8 years ago) they would not let me in the place unless I checked my camera at the door. I made a bit of a stink and they allowed me in on condition. I promised not to take my camera out of my camera bag, These incidents are an ongoing issue with me over the past 40 years so congratulations on your success . A cell phone perhaps?

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