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Friday, 20 February 2015


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The way I know that someone did is that mine aren't that good. (Well, maybe one is ok, sorta, in context. Or not.)

Lots of folks have been posting their images at SpaceWeather.com.
Too cloudy here—otherwise I would have tried!

I did manage to get a few images of Comet Lovejoy earlier this week.

yes I got a couple not brilliant but okay, one on my facebook and can send a couple wider view with castle

It was too cold to stay long, but I have a quick shot - it's my FB cover.

It was too cold to really get serious, but I did get a quick one of the
Moon and Jupiter

Heh. In my mind's eye only. It was a sight on a clear night in Vermont, though.

Here is my attempt from last night: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ordinarylight/15979208224/

Yes. Moon, Venus, Mars, Old Moon in Arms of New and two different kinds of Green Flashes. http://www.viewbug.com/photo/46919371

Stan Honda (www.standhonda.com) posted a nice picture from New York city on his Instagram feed.

through window

Moon as cue ball - Venus in side pocket, Mars in the corner - game!

Skipped the shot and just enjoyed the view while shoveling snow early Saturday morning outside Toronto.

Not sure if it's good. If I'd have had the presence of mind, I'd have grabbed one of my primes.


The NASA web site "Astronomy Picture of the Day" has a good picture of Mars, Venus and the moon featured as today's APOD (26 February).

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