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Sunday, 15 February 2015


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Damn you sir! I just received the last two Steidl books you recommend. You may well put me in the poor house this month.

Not knowing about this book, I recently bought a copy of the Aperture issue about Munkasci. It was only a few dollars in like-new condition. It has a really excellent biography, and all(?)of the best of his work.
Definitely the way to go.

Always seemed strange to me that Barnack's name for his new apparatus was Leica instead of Leika - Leitz/Kamera.

Saw the Munkacsi show in San Francisco, SFMOMA, back in 2007 or 2008 (can't remember), there was really something about his work that I found interesting, so much more than a lot of the other magazine photographers of the day. Studied his work in school, but seeing it 'live' was the kicker...

I've seen the Leica book in German. A good friend of mine who has a number of pictures in the book was in Hamburg for the opening of the show that this is essentially the catalog for and brought back a copy. I will definitely get is as soon as it's available. It's very well done and quite extensive, giving a good overview on how the Leica was used during the last hundred years.

I wonder if there will ever be such a camera/paradigm shift/retrospective of a digital camera.


A vintage print of the image you linked -the one that inspired HCB- just sold at Sotheby's in December for $197,000 to collector Michael Mattis. Michael joyfully commented on the HCB connection. I believe this was a record for Munkacsi's work.

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