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Sunday, 04 January 2015


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Another selection enjoyed at Christmas called Quality Street.
I think just about everyone in the UK would get it!

Hi Mike - Good choice of artist (brilliant when I saw him support Elvis Costello back in the day). Quality Street is a brand of chocolates (candies) which comes in a big tin and is a particular favourite for Brits of a certain age, especially around Christmas time. Generally we all only like two or three of the various flavours and it's rather disappointing when you're left to choose from the remainder..... Happy new year,


If I remember correctly from when I lived in England, "Quality Street" was a brand of mixed chocolates with all different colored wrappings.

Terry Gross is a big fan of Nick Lowe's. I heard a really good interview, with live performances of songs from the album, late last year on Fresh Air, which I listen to as a podcast here in London. Listen online here.

Vaguely related: I've twice come across sometime Lowe collaborator Robyn Hitchcock while walking in London. Both times, he was alone, walking with some kind of musical instrument in a hard case, and both times, I've had a camera with me but have failed to even attempt a photograph.

"Quality Street" is a container, usually metal at Christmas, folded cardboard otherwise, of hard toffees and similar oriignating in the UK.

For a year or two the candies did not appear in Canada, the containers are now labelled only in the two official languages of Engiish and French, with an appropriate rise in cost.

Personally the toffees and such are/were delicious. These days my diabetic diet and my aging teeth are not seeing such delicacies.

It's still Christmas music.

I had been looking all over for a YouTube version of Brave Combo's brilliant Santa's Polka but no luck. I did however find this which is a fine way to send off the holiday.


We have the Quality Street chocolates in Australia too.

Ironic that Nic is an athiest doing Christmas music.

I bought this album a few years ago and it became my Christmas classic.
Friends and family ask for it every time they visit!

It's a lovely Christmas album.
Even better are Nick Lowe's wonderful records made over the past two decades, especially the albums THE OLD MAGIC, THE IMPOSSIBLE BIRD and THE CONVINCER.
And IMHO his 1970s single CRUEL TO BE KIND is the best pop single released since the Beatles called it a day.
Happy New Year to Mike and Ctein.

Hi Mike:

My British wife pointed me to this:


It's part of her heritage. As well, quality street also means to be on the up and up, i.e. things are looking good which I wish you and Ctein for this New Year. Thanks for a wonderful site!

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