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Thursday, 29 January 2015


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Sounds like the "Leopold and Loeb" case:

That became the play and movie _Compulsion_.

And a great BW photo for illustration !

That house looks the part.

I have a few old cameras. Perhaps the owners of the house would like to store them.
Sorry. It just strikes me as similarly pointless to letting a house sit empty.

A lovely house. All the windows are single-glazed, the doors have no weatherstripping, there isn't a single bit of insulation in it, and the heating system is decades old. It'd cost a thousand dollars a month to keep warm.

It might be a bit big for you, your dogs and "S."

[...] The property is listed as having six bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and seven fireplaces sprawling throughout the more than 5,300-square foot brick "mansion"....

Aside: I'm slightly amused that the word mansion is used both with and without scare quotes in the same paragraph.

It looks like it's not been lived in in a while as it had no electricity at the time of the murder. Seems like a rather incongruous house for a very small town.

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