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Thursday, 22 January 2015


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Wow. Thanks, Kirk!

Out of curiosity, how does this work for the author? Is Amazon just eating the sale?

thanks, got it.

And Mike gets the Amazon commission, right? ;-)

This is a good read!
Thanks Mike.

Sandbags in a server room?

Really good read. Paid for it a couple of months back, and worth every penny.

Thank you!

+1 on the thanks Kirk! look forward to reading it.

Tim, The Author and Amazon eat it. No money changes hands in any direction. But if you go from Mike's link, download the book and then go on to do a little necessary Amazon shopping Mike will get credit for any real purchases but it won't cost you any bit more. Fun for all.

I've read Kirk's book, and it's a good read with some interesting uses for an old Leica camera. If you like thrillers, you'll definitely enjoy this book.

Gee,I sure would have loved that kind of free publicity when I self-published my novel! And to quote Mike, just saying...

I'm about 30% through and enjoying it.
I was impressed to read Henry could knock out a bad guy with a Nikon/Kodak digital camera of 1999 and the camera could still take pictures and not have a damaged screen. What a handy tool.

Thanks for the link. I'm 10% of the way through. I'm afraid it's in need of some serious editing, with respect to punctuation, grammar and (IMO, of course) style. I've seen some of the punctuation butchery in other Kindle books, so it may be a result of whatever conversion process they use to convert from source material, but even if that's true, it ought to be cleaned up

Thanks mike. I'm reading it, but I have the sense that there are some anachronisms around the technology etc?


Fire the copy editor. Too many 'loose' for lose (I counted three). :-)

Otherwise, I did enjoy the read. Nice job with your first book.


Have to agree with Matt, Ger and Jim, sadly in need of a good editor but a cute story no less.

I just finished the free book.
I liked it a lot.
I hope there is a sequel which I will be happy to pay for.

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