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Thursday, 22 January 2015


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Reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons, the wife is sayings " Honey, come to bed it is late". The husband responds as he is furiously typing away on the keyboard," I can't, someone on the internet is wrong".

Love the discussion.


The two articles on scenics offered some of my favorite TOP insights in recent memory -- congealing concepts that are often sloshy, even around articulate photographers. Thanks for the great writing and considered perspectives! I look forward to combing the comments when time allows.

One last comment. Brought to my attention in another context. "Nothing becomes a cliche without being great first"

Regarding scenic photography and how it's received and defined by different people, I find it's also influenced by what you (or they) look for in photographs and your (or theirs) expectations of photography in general. The discussion reminded me of this story.

A couple of years ago I made a photobook of my home town. It is a small town, and the book was done in b&w and a documentary-style approach. The manager of the town's hotel visited the bookshop of the publisher when the book was new and inquired about it. After leafing through a few pages, his comment was: "Why are there no beautiful pictures in this book?" Followed by: "This is not the sort of book you can give to people!" With that he stormed out of the store without buying. He was expecting scenic and quaint "postcard pictures" and wanted to present them to valuable clients and was surprised and shocked to see a different kind of photographs. I feel that this is the highest (unintended) praise the book received!

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