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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


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BTW, when the hell did you (a) photograph and (b) write about log cabins?! Must be in your moonlight career for some Wisconsin homebuilder?

[David quotes chapter and verse in his written blog post, at the link. --Mike]

Very entertaining, Mike, thanks for the link. So what're you going to do to TOP that for your next minute of fame?

I read or heard this story recently.

On his 125th birthday, an reporter asked a man how he had come to be 125 years old. The man replied, "Well, I was born in 1875."

>>I'm not good at public speaking.

I wouldn't lose much sleep over it if I were you. There are countless people who are good at public speaking who wish they were good at writing. It's human nature to wish for what we don't have and take for granted that which we do.

Brovo for you. I remember that story. Enjoy your 10 minutes.

Well done, Mike! It was lovely to hear you being referenced!

I had not encountered the term "Survival Bias" before, however, as someone who has more than his share of failures and setbacks, the idea that one learns little from success is a notion that helps one make it through the tough times.

Dear Ken,

Survival bias features prominently in naive discussions of private vs public/governmental operation and management of services.

pax / Ctein

They don't make cameras and lenses like they used to. :)

A young woman is walking through the park and sees an old man sitting on a bench. She decides to ask him the secret of his longevity. He tells her "Every day I smoke two packs of cigarettes, drink a quart of whiskey, eat all the fatty foods I want, and never exercise. "Wow," the young woman says, "Just how old are you?" "Twenty-five."

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