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Monday, 01 December 2014


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FWIW, for my NEX-6 I have the Sigma 30mm f:2.8 (which completely turned around my previously poor opinion of Sigma), the Sony 50mm f:1.8 stabilized lens, and the Sony 16mm f:2.8 lens with the 0.75 UWA converter. I know that some people criticize the latter lens, but I have been quite satisfied with it.

With no intention to make you cry - I also have the Zeiss 24mm f:1.8, but only because I was able to get it used in LN condition for $450. Otherwise, since my photography is strictly recreational I would not have been willing to spend the money necessary to get the Zeiss new.

Ironically, I find that I use the Sigma 30mm more than the Zeiss on the NEX-6, because it is smaller and lighter and delivers images that I find satisfying. (As an engineer I have always liked the saying, "Better is the enemy of Good Enough", and the Sigma is significantly more than just good enough, IMO.)

- Tom -

About the NEX lenses ... I think this complaint used to be valid but it is not anymore. There's always room for improvement but the current lens lineup is hardly an excuse for sub-optimal pictures or an emptied purse.

The above illustrates one of the great strengths of Leica-M, Canon-Eos, Nikon-F variants:

Lots and lots of lenses. Already made. In various price ranges and qualities.

Fuji has history that suggests they can eventually match that, or match it well enough.

Some others have some proving to do....

Are these just optical viewfinders? They seem like crazy prices.

I've never trusted Sony to follow through on anything which is why I won't recommend their cameras when people ask me what to buy. I did slip up once and bought a NEX-7 but came to my senses and returned it a few days later.

If the GR's reduced price lasts for the remainder of the year and into the next, would that mean its successor is about to be released? Even at the reduced GR price, I still don't feel compelled to upgrade. I'm still happy with my GRD IV, which has a faster and lens and image stabilization, as back-up to my aging GXR-M. Both are still sufficient for my needs.

Unfortunately, I've exhausted my camera gear budget for the year just before Black Friday. I spent it on lenses, support gear, and filters which are much more likely to improve my capabilities than a new camera.

I had difficulty accessing the BH site over the weekend till now. Hopefully, a significant portion of the traffic went via Mike's links.

it's strange that B&H has put the price back up for the Coolpix A. My local brick and mortar camera store, Kerrisdale Cameras, stocks it regularly at $599 CDN now. I went in to buy a Ricoh GR a while a go and walked out with a Coolpix A when I saw that the GR was now $200 more than the A.

I really wanted a Coolpix A when they came out but was not going to pay the price. I gave up waiting for a reasonable (IMO) drop and have moved on — no room in the budget to get one yesterday.

Note that it is still available at that price from Amazon.

The lenses for this camera are an utter hodgepodge, as if Sony just completely gave up.

That's a great way to put it. Perfect really. No plan was ever evident and then they all got distracted by the FE mount. Incredible value for the A6000. But, alas, still no budget room for me.

You can check to see if Voigtlander makes a viewfinder with frame lines for the focal length you need. I paid about $200 for a 21/25mm viewfinder, and it was the new metal version, not the plastic. Build quality is very nice.

I use a Voightlander 28mm, originally purchased for use with a Leica, on my GR. It seems to work well enough when I feel I need such a finder. (BTW, I absolutely loathe external finders of all types.)

One can get 28mm viewfinders on eBay for under $25- hardly beautiful, but even the most expensive are none the more accurate...

I am amused by the fact that even the "cheap" Voightlander finders are in the same price range as that Sigma 60 mm.

The Coolpix A did not sell out even at the crazy price of $500. How worse it could get for Nikon!

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