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Friday, 05 December 2014


I've seen a dozen or so pictures of Voja .... but his Sid Caesar impression (Montparnasse 1982) is uncanny!

How about a bit on how his darkroom is set up? What he prefers and why?

Is Peter's sale still on? (It's about noon MDT right now.) The links for the sale go to his Prints page, where it no longer seems to have the info and form to purchase a print.

[There might have been a problem but it appears to be fixed now. Can you try again? --Mike]

Mike and Peter, Excellent article. This is the type of article I love, and the reason I stop by your site. I know there have been some real good values on cameras recently, and I know you need to have folks buy through your site, which I try and do as often as I purchase gear, but this is photography, not the gear. Thanks for the interesting articles in 2014. Have a great Holiday season, and a healthy and safe 2015.

As soon as you mentioned HCB nuns in India I knew the image. It has always stuck in my mind since I looked at it about 6 years ago as an example of what I don't like about dodging and burning in the darkroom. If you look where the hilltops meet the sky you can see the darkening of the hills caused by burning in the sky. It's slight, but draws my eye immediately. Like the overuse of graduated nd filters that seem to be all the rage for darkening skies, but they darken everything else as well.

I have no doubt it took great skill to print it like that, but I do wonder if it couldn't be done better in photoshop. I believe Salgado does this, using a Canon 1Ds3, files manipulated to produce a perfect digital negative, then a physical negative, and then that's used to make silver gelatine prints.


Had the same issue as Larry and Peter was so gracious as to reply to my (panicked) note asking for help. He promised that one way or the other he would take care of my order. What a pleasure to correspond with such an humble and well grounded, not to mention incredibly talented, artist! I hope I don't sound foolish, but I am SO anxious to receive my print! Many thanks for letting us know about the print sale. After much discussion with my wife, we settled on # 1. I can't wait to see it and hold it in my hands! This is the first print I have ever purchased and I can't help but feel a bit undeserving....

-Andrew Middleton

"Nuns Praying in India" should perhaps be corrected. I've never seen this title, and it is not apt. It is usually given the name "INDIA. Kashmir. Srinagar. 1948. Muslim women on the slopes of Hari Parbal Hill, praying toward the sun rising behind the Himalayas."

I'm not even sure that this title is anything other than an expressive title, since whether that one woman standing is really praying is questionable. So, nothing to do with nuns. Nevertheless, a beautiful shot.


The article says the HCB image that is so hard to print is "Nuns Praying in India." Magnum photos.com labels this image "INDIA. Kashmir. Srinagar. 1948. Muslim women on the slopes of Hari Parbal Hill, praying toward the sun rising behind the Himalayas.


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