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Friday, 12 December 2014


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Here's an interesting juxtaposition between the plain/functional Sony A series and the good-looking (in a traditional sort of way) Fuji camera. I own a Sony Nex 7 and was sorely tempted to sell it and buy a Fuji camera instead. I could have bought a Fuji body and lens for the price I paid for my Zeiss zoom lens.

Why didn't I pull the trigger? Hand feel. The Sony may look like a plain Jane, but it feels really nice in the hand. The Fuji looks good, but feels like a brick. How it feels is more seductive than how it looks IMHO.

And BH Photo has the same price plus offers 15% with trade in of most any camera, even old cheap film SLRs. Takes the A7 to under $1100.

Nice cameras, Sony - where are the lenses?

Seriously - I have bought Sony NEX cameras twice - first a NEX 5N & then a NEX 6. I really liked the cameras - but each time I grew tired of what lenses I could get for them & ended up selling everything at a loss.

The second time round, I really did learn my lesson!

The real question is how much the differences between the discontinued A7 and the new A7 II are worth.

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