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Sunday, 21 December 2014


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Thanks for the embedded video - a lovely gentle piece about a seemingly lovely gentle woman.

Her shot of Beckett is amazing, especially when you read how she did it. The Guardian has a great sampling of her shots linked from the obituary here:


I'd love to see the documentary.

Sad news.
Her portraits struck an exquisite balance between expression and technical perfection. She was a true master of lighting.
It might not be of general relevance, but some days ago, intrigued by her portrait of Samuel Beckett, I searched her name on Google. The search retrieved a self-portrait of her holding a silver Olympus OM-2, identical to the one that has been giving me infinite pleasure for the last eighteen months. It made me feel so proud of owning one of these cameras!
Now I found out she passed away. She will be forever remembered for her wonderful portraits, from the aforementioned Beckett to Morrissey. R. I. P., Jane Bown.

I thought her work was wonderful and my aim has always been to be able to take portraits like hers.

A wonderful, wonderful photographer. Modest to the point of anonymity, always letting her photographs do her talking for her. And what a voice those photographs have!

I constantly return to her book Faces. Last night in fact, after returning home late, I paused in front of my bookcase before heading upstairs and just looked at the spine of the book for a few moments and pondered on how amazing she is. It saddens me that now my thoughts will be how amazing she was.

A life well spent in photography. I am not familiar with Jane's work but I'm now resolved to remedy that personal deficit.

Unknown Bown is a lovely book. Really like her early work, shot with a Rollei.

I'm very sad to hear of Jane Bown's passing. Her work was inspirational for me, not least because of its (apparent) simplicity while revealing so much about her subject. I shall go back to her book Faces today.

She was a wonderful photographer. Her portrait of Samuel Beckett is simply outstanding. But ... Isn't it an old Pentax in the second portrait?

Thanks for that interview clip, Mike: I'd not seen that before. Jane Bown was such an inspiring woman.

The documentary "Looking for Light: is available on Amazon UK, btw.

I went to England from Australia as a young photographer and first saw her work in the Observer newspaper and was so inspired. Her shot of Beckett is a knockout.

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