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Monday, 22 December 2014


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Tis' the season for "best of"/"top ten" lists and this is an interesting one. Also the first time I've owned a camera that appeared on any "best of" list (in the middle -- X-T1).

Designing, building, shipping and supporting a system for decades is far more difficult and costly than producing a single body.

When Canon entered the dedicated video (Cinema) market they arrived with Canon's EF lenses, PL mount lenses and several new Canon Cinema lenses. There must have been some very big checks written to make that happen. It makes one wonder how serious Sony is about the market for the A7II.

Why does that sound familiar?
...runs to Google

John 19:30: It is finished


[Sorry! Biblical reference unintended. All I meant by "it is finished" is that, well, it was finished.

Besides, depending on the translation, it could have been "All is done" (Bible in Basic English), "It is completed" (Common English Bible and Lexham English Bible), "It is ended," (Wycliffe), "It's done...complete" (The Message), "It hath been finished" (Young's Literal Translation), "It is accomplished" (Complete Jewish Bible), "It is consummated" (Douay-Rheims), or even "It is fynesshed" (Tyndale). Can't put too much stock in the exact wordings of translations. --Mike]

These days, camera of the year... is just that.

Actually I was thinking that it was George Eastman's last words but they were
"To my friends: my work is done. Why wait?"

And the Samsung NX1 ???

Job jobbed!

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