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Monday, 01 December 2014


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Oh... I thought you were going to mention the awesome 70% off sale on the Hasselblad Stellar! ;)

It's like your inner copywriter is revealed... just like Edward Abbey.

I just yesterday fondled the CoolpiCoolpix A in the store and have to say that for a pocketable camera it is pretty much perfect in my opinion. With the price drop it is a real bargain.

Thank you, Mike, for this post. Sometime back I had a Fujifilm X-100 that I loved. I then wanted the X-Pro1 to replace it. I sold the X-100 to a friend for a song. Since he is a friend I knew he would appreciate it. But, I missed it. Now I can buy (and just did) the X-100s for the same price. And just in time, since it is being discontinued. I never felt limited with the fixed lens. I started out as a teenager using a fixed kens camera and simply used the "foot zoom" method. Walk up to enlarge your subject or back up to include more in view. Using a fixed lens also maintained the same visual perspective. All in all, not a bad thing to go back to.

For the Nikon A, add the viewfinder, (nearly), double the price.

@Tony Collins:
If you add both the camera and the viewfinder to the cart, the viewfinder gets discounted down to only $96.

Regarding optical view finder assistance for Coolpix A model-Sigma has a very nice 28 mm helper for about 1/4 of the Nikon version. Just sayin.....

The Ricoh GR for that price includes a 32 GB card and the matching Ricoh GV-1 External Viewfinder.

For the same (camera and viefinder) price, you can have the GR+viewfinder... the battle continues.

Another great deal for Cyber Monday.
Desks for kids in need.
Only $65.

In this day and age of disparaging compact cameras and their itty-bitty sensors, it should be noted that the Canon S110 is great camera that produces wonderful RAW files with lots of latitude in post. You can't do that with your iPhone.

For <$200, what a deal! Trust me, I paid top dollar for my gun-metal gray version, but black is just as nice.

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