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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


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I was not aware that Sony announced a version II of the 70-300. The original was a very nice lens. Test show it to be comparable, IQ-wise, to the more expensive Canon L lens, but without the build or speedy AF. Meanwhile, AF is reasonable (I used it on an A700) and quiet & smooth. It's a little big, with a monstrous hood, but a very nice all around lens. If the Nikon 70-300 (I shoot Nikon now) tested as well as the Sony, I'd probably have one by now.

Have you seen the £/€ currency converter Sony are using? Sigh...

What an ugly looking thing, these Sony cameras are. Designed by non-photographers who have no sense of ergonomics. And that extends to the menu system. They can't even be bothered to dress up the A7 range by integrating a sculpted hold on a single piece with the body. Look at it: it's just the RX1 box, on which it seems they hastily slapped on a prism hump and then tacked on a "grip". Minolta cameras were never pretty, but at least they were industrial-looking yet functional designs.

I looked at this and I thought, "This might be nice as a walkabout camera." Then I started looking at lenses on B & H. Sony needs more lenses. It would be nice if they had a really nice pancake without using an adapter.

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