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Monday, 17 November 2014


If you connected a generator to that exercise bike, you could peddle while you were on the computer and get fit while you worked. The first few days would be hard work, but after that you would hardly notice you were doing it. : ]

Exercise is good for the mind, too. Your posts would be more insightful than ever.

Good reminder for the holidays. I will use the store links you mention at the bottom of this post no matter what I'm buying.

Now I've just gotta' remember . . .

That looks like the new updated spin bike. I have severe admiration that you can ride one solo. I have taken three spin classes a week for five years, and love the workout, but I need my classmates and my two wonderful leaders to make it fun (and to guilt me out if I skip.) It is a great workout that doesn't hurt joints, if you keep aligned.

I have some large purchases coming up and will try to remember to go through you.

Bikes that don't take you somewhere are very boring. It's like taking pictures without film or memory card.

Roger, I think this post is an example of Mike "peddling" while on the computer; whether he's likely to "pedal" while typing is another matter. (Mike, I just placed an order with B&H; thanks for the prompt!)

[I love it when people get my jokes. --Mike the "pedaler"]

Well, Mike, I did just buy an expensive (to me) Pixma Pro-1 printer through your link a few weeks back, but I really shouldn't be making any purchases for awhile, as I am about 4 months behind you on the house buying process. I close on my first home 2 weeks from today, and suspect photography expenditures will be rare for awhile. Or anything fun, for that matter.


Mike, you did buy something for yurself.
A new to you wonderful house, and in the same geographic region!

Mission accomplished!

Just a tip to ensure Mike gets his cut when buying through TOP's affiliates links.

Although it's convenient to store one's "must buys" in the "cart" or "wish list" provided by the vendor, if you check-out items already in your cart or wish list, Mike doesn't get his cut.

Here's what I do:

1. I copy the vendor's SKU* for the item(s) I'm about to buy.

2. Remove the item(s) I want to check-out from my cart or wish list. (Or delete my cart/wish list entirely.)

3. Sign out from the vendor's web site.

4. Go to TOP and click on Mike's link to the vendor.

5. Enter the SKUs in the vendor's search box and add to my empty cart. (Repeat as necessary by clicking "keep shopping".)**

6. Proceed to check-out. (You will be prompted to log in to your account or register.)

That's it.

If a significant other is buying the items for you, send her Mike's link and the SKU(s).

*The SKU appears after or right below the item. BH also includes the manufacturer's SKU (convenient if the item is not in stock and you want to try another vendor).

For example:

B+W 39mm Circular Polarizer SC Filter
B&H # BWCPC39 Mfr # 65-1065293

**You'll know for sure you're using Mike's BH link when your search navbar in step #5 ends like so: "...0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma&Top+Nav-Search=" (my bold)

P.S. Explained to my wife that Mike "forced" me to buy my "must" treats. It worked. ;)

Mike, I TRY to remember. But, when it's something like a water filter for my refrigerator, it just doesn't connect the right way in my head.

"need filter, ergo, go to TOP site"

I need some reprogramming.

(However, I did remember last month when I bought my GX7 from B&H)

Opinion: cross trainers are way better than exercise bikes. Easier on the knees, more fun, and a better workout.

Get Airdyne bike machine [from hell] instead. Much shorter workout is guaranteed.

If you must buy an exercise bike, make sure it has a built in clothes hanger on the handle bars. Eventually that is all that it will be used for.

When will we get a link to Amazon.it?
I would be happy to use it!

Mike, riding an exercise bike (or a bike on a trainer) can be pretty dull but is a pretty effective form of exercise. I recommend you visit the guys at sufferfest.com for something to watch, pace yourself and drive the training a bit.

ps - I promise to buy something via your links for christmas, promise.

I believe you already have a bike so get a set of Elite Parabolic rollers and learn to ride them. Much cheaper than the exercise bike and will make you a more efficient cyclist. At your age it's also time to start making yourself stronger so give a thought to having a look at Mark Ripptoe's weight lifting ideas. Learn to love the squat in any of it's forms. Has done wonders for me and I'm looking at 70 soon.

Perhaps Sarge's instructions could be added to the Purchases through TOP page? I am not sure it is strictly necessary to remove the item from your wish list first and I think logging out first is being over zealous but neither can hurt.

Walking is still the best exercise.

Ah second hand normal bike costs about 200 dollars and guess what, you can take your camera with you as you cycle through the scenic Waukeshian landscape! And it can replace the car for shopping. Try it first, you'll be amazed how nice a bike is as a photography platform.

Greets, Ed.

I'm lazy. Most browsers have a way of letting you set up additional "search engines."

I type "a decisive moment" in my browser, and I'm taken to the search results for amazon for decisive moment. I type "b noctilux" and I see B&H's search results for noctilux.

In chrome, you can set this up under "manage search engines" in the settings.

My entry for amazon looks like this:


The key is the %s. That's the words I type after the a. (The a is set in a different field.)

This means that now when I search for amazon, I automatically get the tag to support this site. :) I no longer have to remember to come back here and click through the appropriate link. I want to buy from Amazon? I just search for the product and let my browser fill Mike's coffers.

I rarely come to your site directly, Mike. I usually read via RSS. For your RSS readers, you might benefit from making a new post talking about how to easily set up browsers to get credit to you. I do enough business with Amazon that I viewed my time in setting this up as part of my site dues. Love reading your site. I cheat you out of some ad revenue by reading through RSS instead of a web site, but I make up for that by making sure every purchase from Amazon goes through you. :)

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