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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


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Thanks for pointing us to this - quite moving, indeed. Your breadth of interest is one of the things that makes TOP so enjoyable.

Mike, thanks for sharing. I live in Columbus and graduated from The Ohio State University and had no idea that they had a museum dedicated to cartoons? I plan to track it down tomorrow and pay a visit. It is sad that I have to find out about these exhibits from you rather than our local paper. But at least I now know. Thanks again.

Wonderful link, thanks Mike. 9:21 on for thirty seconds encapsulates the creative process of cartooning and writing a regular column, like I do for a discipline widely different from my "day job" of photography. Next deadline is Dec 8th, and I'm REALLY going to get my 750 words in with photos before the day. Thank you for your interests, and sharing them with us.... Although I still fail to understand American Football.... Hope your snow's enough for some great pix.

That's not off-topic at all Mike - there's some wonderful photography (of the artist) in this video. And thanks for the link, Richard is really great!

Fantastic, what a wonderful artist and man. Thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Hi Mike:

Thanks for the link to a wonderful documentary about Richard Thompson.

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