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Thursday, 27 November 2014


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Happy Thanksgiving Mike. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving where I live now, but I have pleasing memories when I did it during the few years I spent in the USA

'Tis a very positive view of the holiday. Which is a GOOD thing.
But we should also reflect upon the terrible aftermath of the actual event, e.g. King Philip's War. Which teach us how hard it is to carry out such good intentions.

[That was several generations later, although Metacomet ("King Philip") was the Massasoit's son--the first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and King Philip's war commenced in 1675.

A good popular book about how the early cooperation between natives and settlers turned to war half a century later is Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower (thanks to Steve Rosenblum, who gave it to me as a gift). It was one of the NYT's 10 Best Books of the year in 2006. I enjoyed it, and recommend it. --Mike]

And to you and yours, blessings and thanks!

"...And may God, or your higher..."
Beautiful, really beautiful! Thank you!

We don't have Thanksgiving here in Spain nor in Italy (although this year we have black Friday --- no comment), but this post makes me regretting not having it. Thanks to you,

Great post.

My world would not be the same without TOP and it's wonderful community of informed readers and commenters (probably the most insightful, talented, and thoughtful onlime community I participate in).

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike!

Happy Thanksgiving Mike! I have enjoyed dropping by for many years, and I must say that Life, and Photography, would not be the same without you.

Well, thank YOU, Mike!

Thank you, Mike. You've been a good teacher, and bright moment in the day when a new post hits. I've learned a lot from this site, from your writing and from the amazing community you've built here. If you can judge a man by his friends - and I hold to that theory - you're a very lucky man, indeed. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and a happy holiday season to come.

Thank you and same to you and those you hold dear!

It's the harvest festival celebrated for millennia. We are thanking the gods for their bountiful blessings and beseeching their blessings in the coming years. Sometimes they choose not to bless us and famine ensues. C'est la vie.

Just a little addendum. The Mayflower Compact was signed by all but nine of the adult male passengers. Those who didn't sign may have been too sick or in two cases were seamen who were not signed on for the long term. But the important point is that both the Separatists and the non-Separatists joined together, regardless of religious/political views. (The term Pilgrim wasn't used of this group until after 1820; it was introduced by Daniel Webster).

Well, here's a link to a shot of the original landing area - which was not in Plymouth, but Provincetown. When I retire - soon,I hope, - this is where I want to slip into senescence.


I'm descended from about half of those signers; And like most families in America, if I were to sit down with them today, it'd be a verbal dannybrook of epic proportions over politics and social issues. Only difference is, I'm demonstrably on the right side of history! ;-)

A big thank-you to you as well, Mike and Ctein; I've learned a lot over the years.

"That was several generations later, although Metacomet ("King Philip") was the Massasoit's son--the first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and King Philip's war commenced in 1675."

True enough, few if any people who were at the first Thanksgiving would have been involved in the war. But relations seem to have steadily deteriorated during the two events. which illustrates the point that it is "hard it is to carry out such good intentions."

Doesn't look like my link is working - mea culpa. But if you click on my name and look at the blog page, it's there.
Irritating, this internet stuff. It's great when it works, but...

And I promise to do all my xmas shopping through your link. It's easy to forget, so you should remind people more often.

And another fan of yours, wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

With best regards,


Just to let you guys know .. if you are visiting the "Old Country" any time soon …. I have a suggestion for you ….

Come to Devon … always a good idea … and then go to the Barbican in Plymouth … There you can visit the oldest Gin Distillery in constant production in the world … VERY good gin.

BUT before it was a Gin Distillery it was a monastery .. Blackfriars .. and now it is also turned into a wonderful bar and restaurant. Whilst having your drink you are sitting in the room where the Pilgrim Fathers slept on the night before they set sail.

There you have it … glorious Moorland and Seascapes to photograph. Good food. Wonderful Gin and history galore.

Happy Thanksgiving Mike.

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