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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


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Watch out for those shots of the tarmac. I've lost count of the times I've been questioned by suspicious flight attendants (or H&K-toting cops at Heathrow) about why I'm taking pictures of planes at the gates.

You sound like a happy man! And with much to be thankful for, irrespective of the problems of coming home to "stuff"!
On Long Island, we're looking forward to some "weather" too.
I like those shots from the plane, my favorite is the plane in front of the brightly lit hanger(?) building.

[Thanks Fred. Happy and fortunate as hell. And that shot is my second favorite--it's been growing on me. --Mike]

Lets Edit: 11 photos currently. Pictures 1 and 2 delete one of them - your choice. Delete #3. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 keep. Remove 7 and 8. Keep 9, 10, 11.

You could probably get it down to 4 pictures.

Don't you just us editors?

I have other photographers do this for me and most of the time I want to ignore them but almost always take their suggestion seriously.

Not that it particularly matters, but you're missing the obligatory "These pictures were shot with...."

Great post, and really nicely written. Reminds me of exactly how I felt when I got back home to the Bay Area after a week spent in Jackson, Wyoming photographing the Grand Tetons.

I keep thinking back to how simple that week was, how nice the people were, and how incredibly beautiful it was.


"Those are brave people, to move permanently to a new country without even knowing enough of the native tongue to know where to start. Whoever thinks poor people don't work hard has never been one."

Yes. Thanks for saying it! :-)

Good to see you getting out and having fun, with or without a camera, Mike.

Nice set of travellin' images. Isn't it fascinating how heavy the overlay of a locational caption can be on such photographs? Take, for example, that first image. What if you captioned it, "On the tarmac in Munich", or "Sitting at the gate at a rainy Narita", or "Waiting to roll at Heathrow". Photographs, even such gentle photographs, can reach beyond the eyes, eh?

To Mike,
You sound Happy. That's Great. The world is better when you are happy, especially when you have someone to share it with.
Enjoy your well deserved good fortune.

To Everyone else: We're Doomed !
Mike's got 2 houses, 2 dogs and he's in love !
Soon he'll be assigning term papers and pictures of flowers.
The angst engine is gone. How can a Happy Guy run TOP ???

Welcome Back ;-))

Sequence 5 is my favourite of these. It looks quite busy, doesn't it?

You know, you sound like a happier man today. Excellent.

I'd wager at least one of them was taken when all electronic devices were supposed to be switched off Mike ;-)

[Just electronic devices that can communicate need to be turned off or set to airplane mode. I asked. --Mike]

s. Is very lucky.

So Mike lets have a poll. I'm in for #1 the "Lets Getoutahere" shot.


Mike I am happy you had a wonderful trip!

I love the pics showing your flight at altitude -- I LOVE flying, especially at altitude in a blue sky above the clouds. I feel as if the plane is swimming in an ocean turn upside down.

Not that you've been gone. Here's a unsharp bouquet to welcome you back from your wonderful trip, Mike!

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