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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Southern Tier? If you are including Texas, sorry but we are a Tier unto ourselves! :) We would however welcome you with open arms! I have the pleasure of owning the Sony A7/35mm Ziess combo and the Fuji XT-1/23mm Fuji and while they handle very differently you will be pleased with the results from either! The only real difference ( to me) is in the DOF differences between the two lenses at similar apertures/points of focus.

I just finished a three week tour of Italy with my new X-T1 and the 18-55 kit lens. I love it. It sure took the strain off of my neck. If I didn't have the X-T1 it would have been my D800e and a heavy Nikon lens. Now you are tempting me with these sale prices. Lens Lust is in full swing.

B&H's signature policy drives me crazy. I have asked that they not do it for my orders as I live on a rural road with a long driveway with a roof over the front door. They still do. As a result I will order the same item from Amazon only because they do not require the signature. Maybe B&H will read this and adjust a little.

Have fun with the Fuji.

While that is disappointing in a few ways, I'm secretly happy (though now, significantly less secret) that the X-T1 and 23mm - a most wonderful couple - will be joining you. I shot a project solely with these two over the summer (OL/OC/OSeason) and had a marvelous time in both the shooting and the printing. The shots were paired with photos by a talented neighbour made in the same vein with his M4 and 35mm in the late 70s. I look forward to any forthcoming musings.

Get thee behind me, foul tempting 14mm f2.8!

Since Mike lives inside a town and is informed by UPS as to what dy they will return ....I have left a note asking that it by delivered to and signed by a neighbor. So far always worked!

I believe you can ask UPS to deliver the package to any UPS store near you where it will be held until you come sign for it and pick it up. That's what I do now with all my FedEx packages because of the same problem you describe.

These Fuji rebates finally got me to take the plunge on the X-T1 and the 23mm you show above. I can't get over how impressed I am with this camera. I wasn't ready for how nice the experience of manual focusing on the EVF would be. The 23mm is great, but I have to admit to being really excited about using my tiny rangefinder lenses on this body. Dare I say manual focusing on the EVF might be as good as with a rangefinder?

I too wanted to order some thingsfrom BandH (as they now like to call themselves as per their latest catalogue).
I used to be able to order, from here in Canada and let BH and Purlolator do all the paperwork on their end. Now have to pay the customs duties, the cost of paperwork before delivery and be here for a signature.
Until they return to their old method, they can forget me as a customer in a foreign land.

My experience has been that if I leave a note with my signature taped to my door, the package gets left. But this may not work for all vendors/carriers. And it's a bit risky, too.

Armed only with a Fuji X-T1 and the wondrous Fuji 23mm, hmmm...

Life is rough. I have to struggle with this obstreperous combo everytime I go out shooting.

Then, there's that even more "high-maintenance" pairing to contend with, the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Fuji 14mm.

But somehow, somehow, I muddle through.

Sign up for UPS "My Choice". It is free service and one thing you can do is electronically sign for a package online to avoid having to be home when the delivery is made. I used it last month for a B&H shipment. Of course, you lose any protection from a package being left unattended and stolen.
David Jolley

That is disappointing. As an A7 and 35mm Zeiss user I was looking forward to your take on it.

I think you'll like that XF 23mm f/1.4.

I've been using it for street and travel photography and it is a fine performer. If I have any quibbles about it, it is a bit large compared to the XF 35mm f/.14, and the supplied hood makes it even bigger.


Well, that's a win for you, really. Hope you enjoy the time with one of Fuji's finest.

You should try the A7 with the Zeiss Loxia 35 mm lens; sure it isn't AF, but the Zeiss Biogon renders beautifully.

Too bad the Digital Variant: One Camera, One Lens, One Year exercise calls for an e-50mm lens, or what you've got in your hand would be pretty sweet for the capture part of the undertaking.

And you wrote that you were dying to take on the exercise yourself…

I'm just saying'.

I have Sony A7R + 35/2.8. I have recently acquired Fuji XT1 + 23/1.4. For what I usually shoot I love later combo so much over the first one that 35/2.8 has been packed up for sale. So maybe UPS driver not finding you 3 times in a row to deliver Sony, and you having to carry Fuji because of it, was a God's way of steering you.

@David Miller, I figure one can use any normal-ish lens without transgressing the spirit of Mike's exercise.

The idea is to get an undistorted perspective — without the dramatic distortion of a very wide lens, nor the effortless isolation and bokeh of a long lens. I could imagine undertaking the challenge with a 30mm-e lens I've been using lately.

Mike, may I be so bold as to ask why you bought the A7 from B&H instead of Art's Camera Plus? Just thinking about your recent post about handling the camera at Art's. I know it isn't always feasible, but I try to buy from local dealers. It's so nice to be able to handle the goods before you buy, and I'm willing to pay a small premium to keep those dealers in the neighbourhood.

[The one from B&H Photo would have been a loaner. Can't afford to buy one right now myself. --Mike]

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