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Friday, 28 November 2014


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Mike, I bought a $250.00 gift certificate through you at Amazon today I hope you get credit for that. Just an FYI. I do buy a lot of stuff from Amazon and will try and do a better job of going through you.

I wish there was a way to confirm that you are receiving the credit for my purchases. The system as it stands is a bit of a black box. In any event, thanks for the reminder. I will certainly make some purchases this month from your links!

I confess to having forgotten now and then to use your links (as opposed to deciding to use somebody else's links, which is different), and I apologize. (Not for anything expensive, at least.)

I just spent US$170 on a bunch of stuff. I hope I didn't screw up the process!

In Firefox you can make a bookmark for amazon with the url for the online photographer's amazon referral link and set amazon as the keyword. Then, any time you type "amazon" into your browser it'll take you straight to amazon and give Mike credit. I just set my browser to do that just now.

This reminded me that, some weeks ago, I modified my 'toolbar' link to Amazon UK to use your referral URL. I ordered some bits and pieces last week. Any way I can check if it is working?

For the Musician/photographer or audiophile/photographer out there, Amazon has a pair of KEF LS-50 speakers on sale for $200 off at $1299.99. Stereophile's Budget and OVERALL Component of the year (2013) this is the sonic equivalent of getting a digital Leica M or even a Phase One back at a 80-90% discount. The LS-50, because of their size, lacks low bass, but for me in the classical literature (or everything except perhaps 120 db rock) the deficiency in not musically noticeable. Highly recommended.

B&H, probably because of the strong dollar, has significant discounts on Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and others.

To all: Happy shopping and holidays; may your photography improve and offer both insight and satisfaction; and our continual thanks to TOP for provoking thought, improving out craft, and offering both insight and entertainment. (Don't forget to click on the sponsor links!)

I ordered a Sony a7II mit zoom, and remembered to do it on your link, (which I don't always think of).
Unfortunately, when it came time to pay, B&H put it on a credit card that wouldn't sustain that much charge. I expect to order it again after the first of the year.

B&H have added a substantially cheaper shipping option for Australia I am told. Buying some film soon to try.

I hate to say this, as you have done an amazing job in the past, but currently TOP is not what it was. It seems that the house move and possibly your new relationship have diverted your attention. Examples of just some of the things which have gone missing are the "Around the Web" feature and the promised review of the DP2 Merrill as a black and white camera. And what happened to the reader print sale for those who purchased the Keck Observatory image which was promised for October? Have you even written to those who bought the print to let them know what happening? Based on what you said at the time, you made a lot of extra sales on the back of that commitment.

The web is fickle and people move on. I have supported TOP in the past both through the print sales and affiliate purchases. TOP remains in my list of bookmarks for favourite sites and for the moment I have left it there in the hope that the site will get back to where it was. Maybe it is not karma's eye where you are poking that stick. Just sayin'.

Dear folks,

After ordering via Mike's link a few times, it's turned out the easiest way for me to “automatically” order that way from Amazon is to just start typing “Amazon” into my browser's URL window. By the time I've gotten to “ama..." the suggestion drop-down has popped up with “Amazon via TOP” (http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theonlinephot-20) as the top-most item. I don't have to visit Mike's page or bookmark the link to order to buy stuff through his affiliation. This fails me if I'm doing an extended search for something and clicking through a search link that goes to Amazon, but most of the time I'm going directly to Amazon.

Something important that Mike didn't mention (but I am presuming is still true) is that his commission is based on dollar sales but his commission RATE (the percentage he gets from sales) is based on the number of individual items ordered, not the dollar amounts. The more items that get ordered each month, the higher the percentage tier he gets kicked into. Consequently, ordering a bunch of small items via Mike's link can benefit him disproportionately to the amount of money you've spent.

pax \ Ctein
[ Please excuse any word-salad. MacSpeech in training! ]
-- Ctein's Online Gallery http://ctein.com
-- Digital Restorations http://photo-repair.com

@Mike Farley... My impression is that Mike has really kicked it into gear again, even with the second house still hanging over him. I can't think of another photography blog/ website that's remotely close, even at half speed. But yes, sounds like the print/contest deal has been pushed back.

And why would one not just set up their own affiliate lik and get rebates to themselves? Mike farley and jeff1000 have a good point.

[Because you can't. You have to meet standards to attain Affiliate status--standards of quality as well as traffic thresholds. There's an approval process. And I don't get a percentage of my own purchases--I'm not allowed to use my own Affiliate link. --Mike]

I always do, Mike. I enjoy your blog very much. I'm glad I can help, if only in a small way.

Just ordered a Sonos speaker for my home office (hoping jazz and classical music can help tame my ADD) and a flashlight to bring along on evening dog walks. I hope TOP gets a windfall from the holiday shopping frenzy.

Just bought several personal product things and some books. Hope this helps.

@John Krumm
No one would be more delighted than me if Mike's blog were firing on all cylinders again. My perception is that it is not there yet. Maybe I am wrong and maybe November's Affiliate sales being down is a coincidence.

Mike J has been silent on the reader print sale for a couple of months now. That doesn't instil much confidence that it is going to happen.

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