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Thursday, 16 October 2014


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Finally, the politicians are earning their money, although it seems unlikely to me that anybody could be "grooving" to The Joker. Okay, *maybe* in Wisconsin but it seems unlikely even there.

Wonder if they could do something about the "Turdy Point Buck" by the Bannanas:

well seven men got up and then one fell down
a big lump of blaze orange, shakin on the ground
at first i thought he was one of the boys
but it was a no-good brother in law man from illinois

only cheese-heads in here, right boys?
send him back on the next plane ya know

Did ya see the turdy pointer?
Did ya see the turdy pointer?
Did ya see the turdy pointer?
Did ya see the turdy pointer?

I could live with such a ban - so long as they also ban Jimmy Buffet and Dr Hook (with the exception of the inane cackle in "I was stoned and I missed it")

Some days just suck, and then something funny happens and the whole day gets better...

This was something funny.


Ha ha, I may have one of his platters but hadn't listened for years. Then recently I had a mammoth Spotify listening session and came to the conclusion that he wasn't as good as I had remembered. (Neither was the original "Gangster", Johnny Guitar Watson :-( )

I can't believe I read all the way through that and still missed the punchline.

Can we add Heart, Charlie Daniels Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles... to the list?

Banned in Boston. Used to have quite a cachet, probably sold a lot of books etc. maybe Steve will get a similar boost to his 401K

Would this mean that "Abracadabra" steps up to heavier rotation?

TheOnionPhotographer ?

"No, I just have 'Greatest Hits 1974-78.'" That's about all we need, right? ;)

Hilarious! Of course, that leaves out the awesome SMB album covers from The Joker and Book of Dreams, and there will be so many un-airbrushed conversion vans, too!

Wait, there's no satire alert... I'm not sure what to think.

Ferdinand "Ferdie" McGurk probably doesn't have all 16:26 of 'Macho City' from 1981's "Circle of Love", the pinnacle of the "side 2 contract obligation" recording.

The Gangster of Love approves of this post.

A ban long overdue. ... :)

Thanks a pantload Mike - I've now got a Fly Like an Eagle earworm that's going to be with me for the rest of the day!

From everything that I have read about Wisconsin in recent years - especially its legislature - I found this story to be completely plausible.

Mike Doughty is great... and had one of the first blogs I ever got into. It was (no joke) random thoughts about Beverly Hills 90210. I think you can still find it, or copies of it, with some Googling.

And if you want something else interesting to listen to, check out tUnE-yArDs. She plays with beats and looping in a way that Soul Coughing reminds me of - although seeing it live adds to the music.

I love songs with banjo parts used in weird ways

You mean like a raga-influenced Voodoo Chile/The Thrill is Gone medley played on the banjo?

OMG!- If Miller is banned, "Freebird" must be next. And if the Freebird isn't free, how are we?

Thanks for introducing me to Oya, very nice music and some great imagery to go with the music as well. I think this is a great image (if links are allowed) http://cfile10.uf.tistory.com/image/277F1F4A53E5013432FDD7

Uh, not fair and quite unpractical; now I'm thinking Wisconsin might just be the right place for me to live

Bruce Springsteen. PLEASE.

Hmm. Down here south of the border we have "Chicago" and "REO Speedwagon." I'm calling my state senator immediately.

Love that Jeff Beck album-You Had It Coming." Discovered it 10 years after it came out by following links to Imogen Heap. They guest on each other's albums quite a bit. Check out her stuff if you haven't already.

Billie Joe and Bobby Sue could not be reached for comment.

Radio stations are commercial, playlists bye and large are compiled by analysts who want to give their target audiences (teen, 30 something, 50s) what they like to hear so they dont channel hop, so they keep the advertisers happy. People still dig Steve Miller? thats fine. Not a personal favourite but I'm not going to take offence when he's played. Takes me back to my yoof. Banning favourite tracks by favourite artists (hey, what about 'Stairway to Heaven'?) is counterproductive. Its doesn't make people like new bands, unless of course they sound like old bands... I'm in my 50s, if you ask me what my favourite bands or tracks are then mostly you'll get the same answer as when I was 18.

Dear Mike,

In my college days (back when men were men and vinyl singles stalked the earth), a couple of dormmates decided to run an experiment and determine how many times in a row they could play Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock."

Twenty nine before someone finally came in and threatened to destroy their stereo system.

pax / Ctein

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