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Friday, 17 October 2014


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Photographs may be infinitely reproducible, and that may be a virtue or a drawback for the medium, but I, for one, am tired of the scarcity of desirable photo books.

Thanks for the tip, though. Email sent, fingers crossed.

Absolutely grab these while you can! It's an excellent catalog of the show and a very good retrospective reference.

With all respect to Keith, my own personal favorite volume of Metzker's work is William Ewing's Ray Metzker: Light Lines. But it, too, is long out of print and has become very expensive on the secondary market. Even so, I'd forgo buying a new camera or lens in favor of grabbing a new/fine copy of Light Lines!

I got one when it first came out on Mike's recommendation. Couldn't recommend it more myself now.

Emailed the email above. Fingers crossed.

Mike, you say "It's the one to have if you have only one of Ray Metzker's books". It would be helpful - and a topic worthy of TOP - if you enlarged on that. Especially seeing that this source of "The Photographs of ..." has dried up on discovery.

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