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Friday, 10 October 2014


It's worth mentioning that you can view a variety of his photographs, and order his books, here: http://www.laurencemillergallery.com/artist_metzker.htm

Sad to hear this. We were fortunate to have a show of Ray's images at the Portland (OR) Art Museum. Our excellent curator, Julia Dolan, thought a lot of his work. I learned from hearing her speak about the photographs

I'm very sorry to hear this, he was one of my favorites. For anyone in the New York area, there's a comprehensive show of his work currently on view at Laurence Miller Gallery.


I am very sad to hear about this. His work has influenced and motivated me deeply in my own. When I see his pictures makes me want to go out and shoot some. And thanks so much Mike for pointing out his book in this site a couple years back. I then bought it for sixty something dollars. Now it is worth hundreds.

It's such a shame I only discovered the body of work of some photographers after reading the news of their death!
I'm embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Ray K. Metzker until I read this entry. I've been browsing for his pictures and found he could easily be one of my all-time favourites. He was the king of 'chiaroscuro' and a fabulous street photographer who loved strong contrasts and highly geometric compositions. I rate his pictures very, very highly. They're very inspirational.
R. I. P., Ray K. Metzker.

That is sad. I love his pictures. I might have all of his books, and I even splurged on "Auto Magic" which cost a fortune and has many of his best images of cars. I think you're right in comparing him to Callahan. He understood light better than most, and his work should be shown to students for many years to come!

Slate still has a some of his images up on their photo blog...

For those interested in learning more about the fascinating years of the Institute of Design in which Ray Metzker got his start I highly recommend getting a copy of Liz Siegel's Taken By Design.

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