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Sunday, 12 October 2014


@ Alex C: "I know bigger sensors are nowadays gathering momentum, but still - FujiX30 is a real camera, that handles like a camera, not like a gimmick."

I think you will absolutely love it! It's every bit a photographer's camera, rather than an "enthusiasts" camera. Mine positively yanks me out to shoot nearly every day I've owned it. It's so good I might have to come out of retirement to write a new camera review of it for Mike. (Naw.)

Just buy it.

Olympus OM-D E-M1: I have one and really like it.

Fuji XT-1: If the E-M1 didn't exist, I'd likely have one of these.

Panasonic LX100? Never touched one, but sure does look promising.

OMD-EM-1. I hesitated with this as I'm not sure it's considered a 'small' camera anymore ... how things have changed!

How good do I think it is? Well I've just traded in all my Canon gear (inc. a 5D3) for an EM-1 and lenses. Bottom line - it does everything I need to do (including pro work) as well as or better than the Canon. Note that I'm not saying its better in absolute terms, just better for me.

Of course it's not just the camera - what pushed me over the edge was the wonderful 12-40mm Pro series lens, and the forthcoming items in the Oly Pro series.

I also have an EM-5 which is good, but the EM-1 is (to me at least) surprisingly better.


Late to the party because I've been travelling incessantly, but...

George Strait?????? GEORGE FREAKING STRAIT??????

We have a thousand more distinctive musicians in Austin alone than George Strait... oh, wait.

It says "most distinctive top 100 artist" in the fine print. That would be the best-tasting bottled water contest. Sorry. I'm better now.

Sony RX1, Leica T, Panasonic DMC-LX100.

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