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Thursday, 30 October 2014


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Pixma Pro 1 for $400? Not finding that on the BH website. About $650 with the BH promo code, which is a pretty good price, but definitely not $400.

It costs $650 but you will receive a mail in rebate for $250. I did the same thing a while ago for the pro-100. I sent the rebate in and got a visa gift card in about a week, maybe two. As with all rebates though, make sure you ready the directions and make a copy of everything including the UPC bar code.

I do like the pro-100 a lot too. I use it with Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310 and I have been impressed with the results.


The price from B&H is $650 with free shipping, but included is a $250 rebate form, making the net price $400. So it is about 50% off in a roundabout way. The saving can be applied to set of 12 ink "tanks." (@ $330!)


Gah!! Why are you doing this to me, Mike? I'm a few months behind you in the buying a house process. Inspection was last night (this one passed, the previous potential house didn't). I may yet get the Pixma.

I saw also the HP Dreamcolor monitor for a great price, but it requires it's own $350 calibration hardware/software. I already have a ColorMunki


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