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Saturday, 06 September 2014


Orange couch, iMac, field camera and dog? What more could you want??!!!

[I really do have it made, I know. --Mike]

Is that the ole' wet plate camera I see in the background.

Wonderful work place for a seemingly left-handed (pawed, whatever) lovely dog!

You even set up the single purpose camera in the background... welcome home sir.

I spy a whole plate camera in the background. Seems right. Perhaps the perfect device to make portraits of your visitors!

Too bad about the digital internegatives, would have been interested otherwise. What's that Chamonix half plate doing up on the tripod? It's not like you actually use it…

Re: Your photograph above.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog:


[I wish I'd thought of that! Many thanks. Added, with a hat tip to you. --Mike]

I'm puzzled by Ed's reaction to digital internegatives. It's almost like the food won't taste good if the chef uses anything but an antique wood-fired stove. Implicit in this is that value is given to a print by the process of making it rather than by the final result. I'd be interested to learn more about why this is a specific disqualifier for some people.


Don't look so sad. The new place and smells will seem like home in no time. And Mike will be getting back to regular walks - he's just been a little busy lately.


Congrats on finally getting set up in the new digs Mike!

Looking forward to seeing the Carl Weese prints too. He was actually a big help to me when I was starting out, trying to understand Pt/Pd printing. Fair to say I owe him a debt of gratitude which I might just be able to repay now - which doesn't mean I'm not happy to help support TOP at the same time.

Oh, and don't let me forget to comment on your Chamonix WP in the background, even though I can see several astute readers have already noticed. I seem to remember you offering it up for sale sometime back...maybe the fact you still have that beautiful camera is a sign? Maybe do a little platinum contact printing yourself one of these days?

Anyway, congrats again on your move and all the best to TOP!

Orange couch, S63 Murky B but the chair on which Butters is sitting looks like a very comfortable desk chair possibly modeled on something from another luxury auto.

Re TOP Morning Coffee - it's perfect and I love it! For normal mornings, it's the first thing I read when I get onto the train; for early mornings I read it at my desk with my own (real) morning coffee. Keep it up, you have at least one loyal follower.

Butters is a gorgeous dog, and that's coming from a cat person.

I look forward to seeing the Platinum-Palladium prints for sale.

My understanding is that the digital inter-negatives offer a precise control of the tonality and expression of the print; of course there are technical challenges including banding and being able to see the pico-dots but in the hands of a capable printer these are well controlled.

Its kind of like listening to a compact disc recording instead of a vinyl record or cassette tape for your music. These days my entire music collection is uncompressed digital and is migrating from CDs to a hard drive.

@ Misha: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"

You can even get away with paw spelling! : ]

I too find Ed's comments on the use of digital internegs somewhat confusing and would also like to hear more of his objections as I have thought that there use extended the flexibility of contact printing not diminished or limited it!

Good to see a dog taking such an interest in things computer and photographic!

Dear Ed,

Really? A digital INTERnegative offends you?!

Maybe it's time to reread and ponder on this column:


pax / Ctein

We'll have quite a bit coming up about the process of, and reason for, internegatives, digital and analog. All in good time...

Welcome back! You shaved your beard.

Congratulations on getting things up and running!
I'm looking forward to seeing the print offer.

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