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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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Well... If you can't lick 'em, join 'em!


Wait a minute, you can nick a PhD?


The one sentence, "It's missing the EVF, which will turn off some people," says it all for me. The very idea of spending anything close to this kind of serious money on a camera without a finder in this day and age seems outrageous. Well, maybe outrageous is too strong a word, but I'm about to get rid of the highly touted Sony RX100 (first version, no finder) because it's almost unusable for me. Clearly some folks seem to do fine without one. But the idea of anything like careful composition, or looking closely at any detail in the image with my carefully corrected presbyopic eyes is impossible, as are really great photos. For that I'll stick with my iPhone. Thanks for letting me rant.

The G7 X is not the same size as the S90-S120 model line. If it were, that would be phenomenal.

Rather, it's about the same width and height, which is great, but is 1.33cm thicker (including the lens). Thickness-wise, it's in between the RX100 MkII and RX100 MkIII. It's also very slightly taller and wider than the two, and that's not counting the protruding command dial and shutter/power cluster.

But the important measure -- when it comes to pocketability -- is thickness/depth.

And while 1.33cm doesn't sound like a lot, it feels MUCH different in one's pocket.

As a fan of the Canon S-series with an S90 and S110 cranking out great shots year after year, this G7X is a bit of a let-down on price. At $550 maybe I'd be interested. For higher I would've already bought a Sony RX100-series if I thought they had nailed the camera handling part.

Panny's LX100 appeals as well but for almost a grand I think I'll enjoy my S110's many virtues a bit longer and contribute to my kid's college fund instead. Or maybe that Leica T is worth getting irrational over...

Eh! Calm down! I'm very dissapointed at the lack of curly wigs in Kevin's Flickrstream but these street photographers do do don't dey do?

Now I've got that off my chest, nice little summary. Cheers!

Well, Canon USA are having a joke on you, because I can get it here for US$580! I got a bit of a shock, it seems the latest round of camera releases have been pretty good value (the D750's street price is silly and pretty much kills the D610).

The upside is that the camera is likely good enough for anything you need a camera of this class. It's shortcomings will likely result in a lower price in the near future.

Reading this post prompted me to dig up my s95. On switching it on, it reminded me that I had left the CHDK (hack) card in the camera. I had forgotten all about the fun of CHDK. I wonder if there will eventually be a hack for G7X?

To bad about the lack of VF......Not even a hot shoe for an OVF.

No EVF? WTH? LCD Only = DOA.

This camera will sell quite well because it has a key feature, the name Canon on it.

YS^^ where do you find the G7X for 580$ ??

I don't see a reason to replace my Ricoh GR

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