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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


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Speaking of Weston meters, last month while on holiday, I discovered that the 357 batteries for my OMs and SP35 were definitely not as they "always" are. So when "Sunny 16" wasn't good enough, I relied on the Weston IV that was in the 4x5 kit. It's accurate, agreeing with the Pentax Spotmeter that was calibrated by Richard Ritter.

Why do you now feel you're having too many print sales? It appears to me that your readers enjoy and take advantage of them. Plus it seems that the majority of the work -- production & fulfillment -- are the onus of the photographer.

Three moves are as close to a fire as it gets

One of my favorite "Treasures" I had over the years in my Fibber Weegee's Closet was a shutter release timer. Probably 50's vintage, but I never really knew. It looked like a little silver bullet, had a wind-up lever on it, and when you removed the bullet tip, it screwed into the camera's cable release socket. The best part was the name: Votar.

I fully endorse a full camera cabinet, unless someone has something fun they're looking to unload (that I can add to mine).

Mike, why do you feel that there have been too many print sales? Number of prints sold? Work load? Can you please elaborate.

Mike, did you sell your old house?
And did you get the price you wanted?

Mike,how about a picture of the photo cabinet and a few words on some of the contents.

Well, I was counting on TOP sales to get some more photo, from time to time, compatibly with my taste and mostly with my finances. It one-a-month is too much, my approach would have been just to halve it, and test it again until you find the right balance. Anyway, your call, and I'll be grateful whatever you decide.

Mike, do you think the noble ambition of the Morning Coffee column might become a rod for your back if you feel obliged to produce one every day? I enjoy them, naturally but I don't feel like you should apologise if you don't file every single day. To me, part of the T.O.P. ethos resides in it's tone of informality and, although I don't know you outside of these pages I get the impression you're not a huge fan of regimentation. I'd be happy just to see 'em when you've got 'em!

I read about Ingrid first, then about the camera closet. I think you need to talk to your organizer consultant again. The only upside here is you can't die from an overdose.

I have a box with my filters in it. I keep thinking I want a box half the size, but then I don't really get rid of anything, because if I need any of the filters, it's easy to just take from the box and the value of a second hand filter is pretty low these days, so no great incentive to try to get rid of them other than space.

I've always wondered though how people store their lenses. Just standing up in cabinets doesn't seem to scale that well. Or do people have custom cabinets?

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